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32 competitors prepare to KO after the final confrontation

Romania Voices Coach 2018: Smiley, Andra, Irina Rimes and Tudor Chirilă

Romania Voice Coach 2018: Smiley, Andra, Irina Rimes and Tudor Chirilă (photo: ProTV)

In the Voice of Romania which was broadcast on November 16, I met the last 8 competitors who overcame a duel, won or were saved. We talked about Romaniţa Fricosu (Team Tudor), Antinia Simion and Eva Timus (Tim Irina), Izabela Barbu and Madalina Coca (Andra team), Lina Sanden. Andrei Voicu and Diana Strat (Tim Emiley).

The last seven pairs (including the trio) fought all vocal equipment in their equipment and the coaches made a lot of sadness in every moment created by the competitors. Confrontation ends with a beautiful show, where music is mixed with emotions and comments from four. There were unexpected reactions and different opinions about the moment presented in the ring, Tudor Chirilă often opposed three coaches. More than 1.4 million viewers watch ProTV programs.

Triad of Tudor: Alexandra Cuza, Teodora Stoica and Romaniţa Fricosu

Tudor Team sent on stage a three explosive trio competing with strong voice stamps: Alexandra Cuza, Teodora Stoica and Romaniţa Fricosu. Girls play flawlessly, their voices are very harmonious, and Tudor is proud of their evolution. It was very difficult for him to choose one, but in the end he made the decision to continue Romaniţa Fricosu. Read responses in articles that are dedicated for now. The song was "Hound Dog" (1969) from Elvis Presley's repertoire.

Irina's team represented by four contestants who raised public positions with two extraordinary moments: Anthony Simion vs. Oana Tabultoc and Eva Timus vs Maria Andrici. They were happy with their voice and attitude, Irina listened carefully to the recommendations of her colleagues, looked closely at the girl's representation and decided to look after them on her team. Antinori and continue night.

Unexpected reaction after a confrontation was prepared by Andra

Andra's team produce unexpected reactions among trainers, who have different opinions about the performance of their team's competitors. Claudia Popina and Izabela Barbu they offered a real vocal duel on the song "Cry Baby," which Tudor liked as a compulsion, which somehow killed passion and didn't spread it. There was a real attack between him and Andra, disappointed with the reaction of his colleagues in the highlands who had dismantled his artistic construction.

The second meeting made by Andra rose to the highest level that night. Mădălina Coca and Diana Strat they have made their talent in "Sign Of The Times" (Harry Styles). The coach's decision is very difficult and is taken with teary eyes. Even though Mădălina is the last choice, we don't miss Diana, saved by Smiley.

Smiley Team last night brought two original duels, full of energy and enthusiasm: Dalina Nemeş vs Lina Sanden and Andrei Voicu vs. Claudiu Fălămas. The Norwegian competition in love with our country has left the competition.

The contestants received applause and congratulations from the trainers, but the difficult part came to Mr. Smiley, who had to choose between four very good voices. The coach decides to go further with Lina and Andrei. The only male duel at night can be traced below in the reggae approach "Set Fire To The Rain" (Adele).

What audience has an episode of the last confrontation from Romania Voice of 2018

The last round of season 8 of The Voice of Romania was the audience leader and registered 7.4 rating points and 22.6% share of the commercial audience (18 and 49 years). The next TV station ranked second with 5.0 rating points and 15.1% share. During national broadcasts, more than 1.4 million viewers watched the episode aired on November 16, 2018.

The composition of the Voice of Romania team before KO

  • Tudor Team: Cristian Alexa, Mihai Meiroş, Lavinia Rusu (Saved from Smileys), Daria Tănasă, Luciana Răducanu, Alma Boiangiu, Dana Olteanu, Romaniţa Fricosu
  • Irina's Team: Dora Gaitanovici, Alexa Dragu, Gabriela Munteanu, Feihong Basigu, Alina Statie, Mara Căptaru (saved from Tudor), Antinia Simion, Eva Timuş
  • Andra Team: Renate Grad, Sara Chiavegato, Elena Hasna, Silviu Murariu (saved from Smiley), Cristina Budeanu, Nicoleta Oancea, Izabela Barbu, Mădălina Coca
  • Team Smiley: Vitalie Maciunschi, Geanina Militaru, Roman Letitia, Sorina Bica, Bogdan Ioan, Dalina Nemes, Andrei Voicu, Diana Strat (saved from Andra)

When the knock-out stage starts

Next Friday, the Voice of Romania will enter the next stage with 32 competitors. Knockout will run on November 24, also from 8:30 p.m., but also from Saturday at 8:00 p.m.. At this stage the tension will increase significantly, and the decisions of the coaches will be very heavy.

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