Monday , June 21 2021

a common platform for two car models

The BMW-Mercedes Alliance has led to controversies throughout the worldLife rivals start to cooperate after another controversial association: Ford and Volkswagen. Collaboration will not be technological, but for model platforms in the already existing range.

The two German manufacturers will work together for the Series 1 and Class A models, and this is just the beginning. The common platform for the two models can bring savings of several billion euros for each manufacturer.

BMW and Mercedes are allies!

BMW-Mercedes Alliance: A common platform for two car models
BMW-Mercedes Alliance: A common platform for two car models

The Handelsblatt publication says that the ordinary platform can not come earlier than 2025.

According to this publication, the engineers of the two producers would not be happy with this collaboration. The struggle for market leadership continues. In 2018 Mercedes recorded sales of 2.3 million cars, taking the first position. Instead, BMW says it has sales of 2.4 million units, which is a champion of first-class markets, but sales include a motorcycle, a mini-bus or a roller-coaster.

The alliance of the two giants can lead to the common use of some components. Transmission and accumulators for electric cars would be two assemblies in this dispute. Patents can also be divided so that they can develop new technologies much easier.

The Germans banned diesel cars

– Finished with diesel cars. I think in a few years they will completely disappear. This is a technology that belongs to the past. People have realized that we will never have completely clean diesel cars without nitrogen oxide emissions., said Elzimita Biankovska, EU Commissioner.

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