Tuesday , March 21 2023

Adela Popescu, a spectacular change in appearance. What a brave choice!


Recently, Adela Popescu surprised her fans on her social media account with a new, absolutely spectacular look. This is how important it is to find a hairstyle and color that fits you perfectly!

Adela Popescu has no time to get bored … The 32-year-old actress and leading mother is a full-time, husband and, at the same time, career woman, managing to split between family and rehearsals at the theater (during breaks, Adela nurses the little one), even occasionally running away with her husband Radu Vulcan in a romantic getaway.

Recently, Adela showed her fans that she is extremely brave when it comes to changes, so the actress decided to completely change her hair color. Over time, Adela Popescu was blonde, brunette, redhead, brown, but her fans voted without hesitation for the new look. An illuminated word says this Gentlemen prefer blondes and after seeing Adela's new look, we can confirm that we are! At least the change I saw in Adela Popescu looks great.

Adela Popescu became blond

The star gave up the banal shade of brown and chose a blond balayage that completely changed her. In just 24 hours, the star has garnered over 20,000 likes and hundreds of compliments from her fans, who have assured her that it's the shade that's best suited (Adela has been for some time). However, they did not forget to ask her when she would return to the show Talk to the world, from PRO TV to Cove, from which Adela retired last November because she went on maternity leave after the arrival of her second son and Radu Vulcan. Given that he seems to be intensively preparing for his return, we expect to see Adela Popescu on the small screen again this fall.

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