Saturday , October 1 2022

AEK ATENA – CRAIOVA 1-1 // Sorin Câr Cu and Pavel Badea blame the referee after eliminating Craiova from the Europa League: "I had a penalty and the goal was canceled incorrectly"


Following the match, Paul Badea, president of the Craiova University Sports Club, and Sorin Carroou, president of the football club, spoke about the match and sharply criticized French referee Jerome Brissard.

Phases incriminated by the herdsmen:

  • minute 57 – Kristy Barbush scored, but the referee raises the pen for a non-existent foul;
  • minute 72 – You hit the ball You hit in the hand in his own box, but the referee let the game continue.

"I proved my naivety. More could be done. I missed it a lot because some players took a miserable form. It was the same with the writers. I was fined and canceled incorrectly.

I had 3-4 great cases. Unfortunately, Fortes goes through a black period. He is our player and we wanted to help him more. He missed two big occasions. If it was Kolgici, another was the result of the match, "Pavel Badeya told Telecom Sport.

"I had great opportunities, and that goal was canceled by Barbush and I had a penalty. It was a hen. This is a punishment. Stop the ball with your hand. He makes a big advantage with his hand ”- Soreen Creau

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