Tuesday , March 21 2023

DIVORȚ-BOMBĂ in the world of the world: One of the most valuable artists divorces his wife yes, only after 3 years – News sources


The singer What's Up, under his real name Marius Ivancha (30 years old), officially announced the separation of his wife, Simina Kostya (29 years), after a nine-year relationship.

After three marriages, What's up and Simina decided to split. The singer posts on her Facebook profile a message about fans, but also about her ex-partner, along with a wedding image they hold in their arms.

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"There have been 9 beautiful years with good and bad, but it seems that when the mismatch happens, love can become a habit. I love you as a man, Simina, thank you both for the beautiful times I grew up and for all the hard times we learned from what we didn't want in life, but I grew up. We are waiting for a long life, I hope you find your soulmate and get everything I could not offer as a man.

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P.S .: Please press, close friends, acquaintances, fans and haters to ask us nothing for at least a period, for now we have to digest the situation. Something I've been building for 9 years has fallen apart. Let's move on. Have it all! , "The artist wrote.

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