Monday , July 26 2021

FC Viitorul – Universal Craiova, LIVE. Here's the live game

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The second finalist of the Romanian Cup will be settled on Thursday at 19:45, live at Telecom Sport 1. FC Viitorul and the University of Craiova meet Ovidiu and the most important stages will be LIFE VIDEO on


Min. 59: CONVERSION IMAGE! Ghiţă pulls twice from the door line! Bărbuţţ did not score a goal.

Min. 53: PENALTIES! Bancu beats a penalty but Cojocaru rejects the penalty 11 meters away

Min. 52: PENALTY CRAIOVA! Cojocaru misses a shot of the opponent, Fortes breaks the ball and is defeated by the goalkeeper of Viitorul

Min. 49: Case of the Future: Drăguş's shot is held in two strokes by Pigliacelli

Min. 45 + 3: Interrupt to Ovidiu.

Min. 45: Three additional minutes.

Min. 39: Dragush's shot passes slightly to the door of Pilayelli. A good new chance for the future.

Min. 24: FUTURE EARLY EVALUATION! Casap, from a very good position, tries a ladder. The implementation is completely omitted.

Min. 7: Great Craiova: Fortes makes the shot from the top of the goal from an excellent position

Min. 6: The Future of GOOOL: Ianis Hagi scored after a long-term attack from the hosts, 1-0

Min. 1: Big Missing Future: Boboc shoots to the door, but the ball is well blocked by Pigliacelli and Ianis Hagi loses


THE FUTURE: Cojocaru – Boboc, Shirou, Ghiţă, De Nooijer – Casap, Băluţă, Houri – Dragush, Rivaldhjo, Yanis Hagi

Craiova: Flytely – Martic, Doncor, Popa, Bansu – Fedele, Cicholdau, Bich – Bourbout, Fortes, Mihail

FC Viitorul and Universitatea Craiova will meet for the fifth time this season. So far, Georgi Hagi's team has control over direct matches. FC Vittoriu won the last two games with the same result, 2: 1, and Olteni's only win in the current season in front of the Constantinians came in the first consecutive game when Kolic managed to win the pair and won the Wolves in the face of their fans, 2-0 .

Although controlling the game until the last minute, Universiade Craiova missed the match in the semi-finals of the Romanian Cup, 1-2 after Hury and Rivaldonho scored in minutes 77 and 89. Devis Mangia.

SUMMARY University of Craiova – FC Viitorul 1-2:

FC Vittorol is the easiest team in League One. The Gogue Hagi boys have had excellent results and lost one match in the last 10 games. There was a defeat, 0: 1 on his levels, with CFR Cluj's leader, where Viitorul completely controlled the game but missed numerous goals. Hagi then gathered a great series of results, defeated the Craiova University twice, took a draw with FCSB, and enjoyed his way from Giurgiu where he managed to achieve 4: 1 in front of Astra in the playoffs of League I.

FC Viitorul – The Craiova University, live at Telecom Sport 1, Thursday, at 19:45

On the other hand, Oltenians have finished their black series of results. With the arrival of Corneliu Papură on the technical bench, Universitatea Craiova won the first game, scored 1-0 in the Astra field after four failed matches in all competitions.

"We have to understand that we meet a team that plays very beautiful football, it is very well organized, it is an example of success, ie a club that sells its best players and manages to play all the time selling – and the best players who think we all have to learn " Corneliu Papura said.

FC Viitorul – The Craiova University, live at Telecom Sport 1, Thursday, at 19:45

"Craiova will come and wants to score many goals, so I tried to make a mix and I thought about a day and a half how to do" – said Gheorghe Hagi.

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