Saturday , October 1 2022

GoPro Hero 8 is now rolling out its specs, it will shoot in 4K at 120 FPS


We just got used to the GoPro Hero 7 discounts in the summer and we're talking GoPro Hero 8The future flagship of the action rooms received a major breakthrough, revealing its specifications.

The information comes from Photo Rumors, which claims that GoPro Hero 8 is already under development and could be announced next month. It looks like this action room will come with a whole new design, a new body and new accessories. You will be able to purchase additional microphones, LED lighting, an external screen and the like.

Perhaps the most important novelty is the presence of a GP2 chip on board that will allow the camera to shoot in 4K at 120 FPS. Additionally, there will be support for Full HD shooting at 480 FPS. In addition, the goal will be updated, but also the quality of the image. The big upgrade of the new room, however, is its modularity, and it can get many new accessories.

GoPro feels the pressure of the Sony RX0 II, which includes a folding screen for movie viewing. And DJI's new action cameras put pressure on the company. With multiple mounts, GoPro Hero 8 becomes more versatile and can get many "applications". We are also expecting the GoProMax Camera, the first 360 GoPro camera since Fusion 360 since 2017.

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