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Grant returns to Grant »Rapira from Mircea Lucescu! All the details of a great comeback together with George Copos

Mircea Lucescu, back to Julie! Exactly at quickis not yet in Goulesti because the historic cherry stadium will be restored in the next period. but this is the move forced by Mayor of Sector 1, Daniel TudoracheHe is the unofficial patron of the new Rapid Club, resuming the team and still participating, although it is a joint-stock company in which Victor Anglescu owns a majority stake.

"You choose your own post!"

Tuorache talked to Lucescu for several months and was trying to attract him to the club. "You choose the job you want to take! President, technical director, you can be absolutely anything you want!" Mircea announced after signing the termination with the Turkish Federation that he was interested in managing a team, although it also takes into account the withdrawal from the coach. Tudorash thinks Il Luce would be useful and because of the tremendous experience he has accumulated and his knowledge is impossible to challenge, he will use the gullible, especially thanks to the photo the club will give.

The new Rapid has acquired the brand name and the name of the company that was last owned by Valeri Moraru who is bankrupt but has not yet won all Rapid supporters, not everyone is firmly convinced of the authenticity and seriousness of the club. Joining the name of Mircea Lucescu in the team will show everyone that they are the heirs of the traditional Julie,

He will also work with Copos

Il Luce did not say "Yes," but left Tudorash to know he would accept his offer if he decided to stay in Romania. Recently returned to the club's entourage George Copos, which brought Lucescu back to Romania in 1997. Copos is now only a sponsor and will be more engaged when much more money is needed. "After the promotion in the first league, George will be even more important in the club, he will return to Rapid really," said Mayor Tudorash.

He invented it once more

Lucescu was a Rapid coach between 1997 and 2000, with a three-month break in Inter, where he secured an interim transfer from Luigi Simoni to Marcello Lippi. He won the title of champagne with cherries, in 1999, the first Giulesti trophy in 1967! And the second in the history of the club. Then Lucescu restored Rapid, forcing Copos to build the Pro FastThey reformed the training team and methods and broke the hegemony of Steaua, who became champion year after year, while Mircea returned to Romania because Dynamo suffered as he is now.

The "C" was not

Mircea promoted Corvinus to Division B in A, he also promoted twice with Brescia in Series B. In the third league he never worked in any country. He is 73 years old and comes after two miserable attempts at Zenith and the Turkish national. After a year, the St. Petersburg club let go of it, and after 18 months the Turkish federation expelled it. Prior to these failures he spent 12 years in Shakhtar Donetsk, where he turned the team into the shadow of Dynamo Kiev in winning the European League of the European League, often ranking in the champions' groups and creating super-players.Rapid is the leader in the C series and will almost certainly climb the second league this summer. The goal of the club is to continue to popularize League 1. The main shareholder, Angelescu, even set a higher target: the 2023 title of the centenary if it can not be won even earlier.

He would cooperate again with Panchu

If he agrees to return to Rapid, Lucescu will unite with Daniel Pancu, the coach's chief coach. Pancone recently withdrew from his career as a player and took over the leadership of the team of Konstantin Schumacher, the technician with whom he promoted his cousins ​​to D. Lucchecus and Punchu co-operated in Juliuste's title, won in 1999, then Mircea took Daniel and Besiktas and became champions in Turkey. Il Luce proposed Pancu and Shakhtar, but the midfielder did not look appealing to him: "Istanbul is a metropolis, Donetsk is a village, and later I realized I was wrong to refuse, but then I thought." Panchu avoided interference in the recent conflict Lucescu-Rednic: "Nea Mircea means enormous to me, I love him!" I worked with Rednik, a very good coach ", Reddoc suspected Lucescu would be interested in buying a Dinamo club: "If he comes here, I'm going!" His former mentor, now an enemy, is more likely to return to Rapid than to appear in Stephen the Great.

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