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Headache and vomiting may be a serious illness

Headaches and vomiting may be serious illness or symptoms of conditions that are common in some people.

Flu is one of the common ailments that can cause headache and vomiting along with other characteristic symptoms.

Many people are also affected by flu, usually during epidemics occurring during the autumn and winter season. And in this case, the first feeling is often nausea and vomiting, then a headache is installed.

Another reason you may experience this discomfort is stress.

Mental stress can cause headaches, but if they are accompanied by vomiting, it is advisable to go to a doctor to find out exactly the cause of the symptoms.

Vomiting and headaches are also due to food poisoning or toxic poisoning, pain and medication.

In these cases, nausea and vomiting are intense and therefore urgently need to contact a doctor to get specialized help. Do not try to pamper yourself!

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