Monday , July 26 2021

How does Andreea Marin feel after column operations

Andreea Marin has provided new details about her health condition. The TV presenter previously explained that for years he had faced problems in the column and was now happy to have left.

"I aimed at general anesthesia, and I only slept in front of the room. (The operation took place) about two hours. That's normal because every operation has some risks, but I'm very good, thanks to Dr. Zamfirescu. Thank you very much! I have to take care of it because it's in the column, but it's okay, "Andreea Marin said in the Stars Antenna.

What medical problems experienced by Andreea Marin

Andreea Marin's virtual friend has written many bold messages. The star feels good now, and he is glad that he finally has the courage to remain in the hands of the doctors.

"I'm fine, I'll be better and thank you for my good thoughts, dear people, I can't answer you personally, that's why I did it through this message, but I will rest and regain my strength , I promise. I've smiled, so I'm fine. I got rid of the burden that pushed my column and made my life more difficult, so now … I'll fly. I'm optimistic, every step in the right direction is important, but I will not stop criticizing in a constructive spirit too. Just talking freely and objectively about reality can change it. Health, that's better than everything! "Andreea Marin wrote on Instagram.

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