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Huawei P30 PRO banal

Huawei P30 PRO. Although it is one of the hottest models of phones ready for launch, the new Korean device will not reach the market with just as many news as the world hopes. The Huawei P30 PRO is a phone that brings many changes to the previous model, but mainly in terms of internal components, and that's because the exterior design is going to be quite fairly trivial.

Huawei P30 PRO. In a year of year 2019, when cell phone makers are trying to bring new designs to the market, Huawei will go on the idea of ​​a screen that has a tear-off cut, something that we've seen in 2018. Huawei P30 PRO is not a cool design with a "dignified" design in 2019, but a phone left in 2018 from this point of view, at least in terms of its screen.

The Huawei P30 PRO will have a banal design for a 2019 phone

Huawei P30 PRO banal design

Huawei P30 PRO. Although it has cut, the phone does not come without a very thin bottom, something that Android phone makers are not doing as Apple does with its iPhone phones. In the case of the Huawei P30 PRO, we are talking about a cut, and a prominent edge, and the new quad camera does not "save" to a large extent the banal image the phone will have, entering the dozen of those launched in China in 2018.

Huawei P30 PRO. Considering that she did not have any good ideas on how to copy, since Apple decided to keep cutting off, Samsung switched to perforations much later to make Huawei change, something else did not exist. The Huawei P30 PRO gives me the impression of a "rejuvenated" draft in design, just like Apple does in almost every year, but on the hardware side there will be many very interesting news, worth 2019.

Huawei P30 PRO. The introduction of the new phones will take place at the end of March, at a time that has not yet been communicated, and the release should take place sometime in April without the date being known.

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