Sunday , June 13 2021


Huawei P30 PRO zoom

Huawei P30 PROA very important feature will be embedded in this new phone model, ready to be launched by the Chinese company, or at least that says the employees working on the models. In particular, the Huawei P30 PRO will incorporate a new type of image sensor that some call it periscope, and that's because it gives you the opportunity to increase significantly longer than before.

Huawei P30 PRO, Considering that the 20x optical zoom camera is used in the Mate 20 Pro, the Huawei P30 PRO camera is expected to deliver an optical zoom up to 10X, a Chinese manufacturer has announced an image sensor of this kind, of course, the employees who work on the assembly on the phone, do not say what the resolution of the Huawei P30 PRO imaging sensors will be, but we'll probably soon find out.

The Huawei P30 PRO comes with a camera that has an optical zoom up to 10X

Huawei P30 PROCompared to the iPhone XS that offers up to 2X optical zoom, and the Samsung GALAXY S10, which has to offer up to 5X optical zoom, the Huawei handset will be a huge asset. Last year, the previous model came with a stunning three-door camera that offers optics up to 5x, so switching to 10X will be just as normal as the Huawei P30 PRO, especially if Huawei wants to stay on top and bottom. 2019.

In addition, Huawei P30 Pro can also adopt a periscope camera design, so it's likely to have a high optical zoom feature.

Huawei P30 PROThe camera is extremely important to the Chinese who have managed to attract many new customers thanks to the improvement of this very important component, and things will continue in the same trend. Since no one has a camera phone with an optical zoom up to 10X, the feature will also bring a very good premiere for the Huawei P30 PRO, putting the phone even higher in user preferences.

Huawei P30 PROThe new phone will be presented, along with others in the series, at an event to be held at Mobile World Congress 2019 in February, with the launch scheduled for March.

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