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– I'm going to the referendum. This is total disobedience

Prime Minister Viorica Dunchilla has been separated from SDP chairman Liviu Dragne, almost as much as her predecessors, Sorin Grindeanu and Mihai Tudose, told reporter Christian Tudor Popescu in Digi24. He also identifies the statement that reveals the "complete disobedience" of Viorica Donsila.

In an interview with Adevărul, Viorica Dassila said she is opposed to the government's restructuring, which would mean a vote in parliament, even though Liviu Dragnya wants it. He also said he would go to a referendum on May 26th. But he said that if a party decides to boycott the referendum, he will respect him.

Christian Tudor Popescu commented on these statements:

"It can still be interpreted, rescued, made up of words, that is, the prime minister is responsible for this government, said he did not want Dunnichila's government." He said he did not feel the need to lead him to a revision in Parliament, he believes this government, so he wants to do just a restructuring, not a restructuring, which means implicit doubt about the value of the government.

She can make a gargle to justify it. What can not be justified is "yes, I go to a referendum" and, worse, "but if the party tells me that I boycott, then I obey, I am politically registered and obey." Mrs Dăncilă agrees that this referendum has a purpose that deserves to be voted – which is quite right, but to say this after Mr Dragnea tried to kneel his knee, as is customary in the last Time to led him into a mockery after Tariceanu was disgusting … Under these circumstances, Mrs Dunickla said yes, I am going to vote. He did not say how he would vote, but said he was going. It's total disobedience, "said Christian Tudor Popescu.

According to him, Viorica Dhachila has separated from Liviu Dragnya almost as much as Mr Grindyanu and Tudose, who went to Dragnya. Ms Tanchila is now in the same position with this statement for a referendum.

Christian Tudor Popescu also talked about the reasons for this change.

"Mrs. Dăncilă has been a prime minister for a year and a half. Initially he did not understand anything in this word, Prime Minister, nor did he have, he had no experience. He took the role of Dragnya's puppet, fulfilling even the most stupid and demanding requests, such as the relocation of the Embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. She did this because she did not feel safe, but time passed, and now for the future.

Perhaps Dragnya is not eternal. If it falls, what happens? She thinks what is left of her image. Like Emil Bock as Prime Minister of Traian Basescu? Ms. Dăncilă does not want this.

On the other hand, if Dragnya does not fall but it strengthens, what will Dragne do with the good and nonconflict Mrs. Dăncilă? He runs it because he has accomplished many others. Where is Seville Shaheide (the first proposal of the Prime Minister made by Dragne after the PSD won the 2016 elections)? From what I understand, he no longer answers his phone.

On the other hand, he thinks Dragnya is almost impossible to drive him out. It is very difficult to build a justification to throw it away. A large part of PSD's electorate did not understand why Tudorel Toader was replaced. He calculated his position well, "said Christian Tudor Popescu.

What will Viorica Dăncilă do now?

– This is the problem. It may have happened to Mrs. Dăncilă that happened to Thomas Beckett, "said Christian Tudor Popescu, referring to the Archbishop of Canterbury, a former friend of King Henry II who became dedicated to the church and the monarch's enemy appointed to the post.

"Perhaps Mrs Dăncilă finally understood with her whole being, where she is, that she is prime minister of Romania, that she has enormous power and that she can influence the future of this country. Maybe he suddenly realized this and would otherwise act as prime minister, henceforth, "said Christian Tudor Popescu.


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