Thursday , July 29 2021

iPhone XS MAX – everything you like on the iPhone, but is upgraded to extreme

The latest flagship launch series launched in September by Apple is already in stores and, most importantly, the XS MAX iPhone seems to best reveal what is best offered by American manufacturers when dealing with smartphones. One thing that must be said from the start: the iPhone XS MAX is the largest Apple smartphone ever released with a display report: a remarkable mobile phone – 84.4%

Just like the iPhone X and iPhone XS, the Home button has been forgotten, making it so large that even the Youtube video experience is pushed to a new level. While waiting for the launch to reward iPhone fans with lots of new things, here are some other important things about this super Apple smartphone.


XS MAX iPhone summarizes everything you like on an iPhone, but with a drop of "better than last time" for truly any chapter. If to start with the design, it's not entirely different from the iPhone XS: on the side – stainless steel on the front and back – scratch-resistant glass and oleophobic coating. Where is the HOME button? Well, he gave up, so we can already talk about trends that began last year with the release of the iPhone X.

Instead, users will enjoy a sloping screen that covers almost the entire surface of this phone. For color, the new XS XS is available in 3 colors: Space Gray, Silver, and Gold. The giant screen 6.5 "enables excellent display of images and clips, while being one of the best mobile gaming devices of the past.


The iOS 12 operating system allows extraordinary restraints whether you pass the morning in the mail or you want to see what new applications appear on the App Store. Bionic A12 processors make everything happen at an incredible speed, even when you do many actions that require a lot of resources (such as video games).

The biggest memory with the new Bionic A12 is extraordinary compatibility: 512GB, and RAM is 4GB. What's more, America boasts a 3,174 mAh battery, and Qi wireless charging allows you to charge at full speed: up to 50% in just 30 minutes.


Apple has done a great job in this chapter, so we can talk about the whole list of benefits that iPhone XS MAX users will have when they take pictures: faster autofocus, new sensors for much clearer detail, 458 PPi, Dolby Vision. With iPhone XS MAX, your vacation will have more colors, no matter how you want to take pictures.

But if you prefer Portrait mode, find out that this super device allows you to adjust the amount of background blur, as you wish. In addition, the HDR sensor allows you to combine up to 3 images for truly stunning results, bringing the same color to the best clarity and clarity.

The iPhone XS MAX has a big competitor this year: Galaxy Note 9 from Samsung. But if you are a fan of Apple devices, this super device will leave a very impressive impression on you. Nothing compares to the experience offered by Apple devices and we can say without doubt that XS MAX is really everything you like on an iPhone, but it is greatly improved!

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