Tuesday , March 21 2023

It scans Dincă's property in Caracal. Lawyer Tonel Pop: "He makes fun of them"


DIICOT prosecutors are urging surveyors to find new evidence in Caracall's horrific case. Experts will have to scan the entire property.

In this way, he tries to find out if the prime suspect has hidden human remains on earth. The actual investigation will only begin on Wednesday for mountain junk, but not before the main suspect is brought before the judges to continue their preventive arrest.

DIICOT prosecutors have asked for a report on technical scientific discoveries by which surveyors tell them using special devices where they can dig hidden pits of Gheroghe Dincă.

This is because only there will he be searched in depth for any trace of the alleged crimes committed by the man in Karakal or any human remains, as long as they suspect that Dink may bury some of the soulless bodies of the victims, whom he confessed. killed.

An easy task as long as the whole yard is more like a trash can.

Tonel Pop, lawyer for Melenku's family: "All those junk, please believe me, I pick them up and sort them, each one, plastic, clothes and then compare and take what I think is of interest to the investigation. I'm shocked by the large amount of waste, I don't think will make a "face". "

Earlier this morning, after they forced George Dink to attend a search at his house, investigators brought a bulldozer and a tractor with a trash trailer. On the other hand, the lawyer for the Melenku family says that the alleged perpetrator of the crime in Caracal is helplessly helping authorities try to complete the investigation.

Tonel Pop: "He makes fun of them, he stays, they are criminals, officers, they look for trash, they sort and he tells them to look for more. He gives directions, wants more, wants to sit, wants cover, he doesn't want it. She blows the sun on head, because otherwise he claims the ECtHR. "

At the same time, the police headquarters in Caracal continued hearings on the file, looking for possible consequences of possible traffic networks. Among those called to talk about organized crime groups in the area was the owner of a security company who claimed to have repeatedly informed the Interior Ministry of alleged agreements between police and city police. Remus Rădoi, said Codi, ă, complains that the information he provides to the officers first reaches the interrogators who have been warned even about the stores that target them.

Remus Radoy, owner of a security company in Caracal: "There were irregularities that were not interceptions. Some of the victims were missed or were not heard or heard in the same building with the criminals or a week before the criminals found out about the searches. Karakal police leadership called the group leaders. which I had said. "

Hearings were also held in Bucharest, where two police chiefs of the Olt Police Inspectorate were called to make statements in the course of an investigation by the magistrates' investigation department, which is still trying to determine whether the first prosecutor in the case or those of DIICOT Craiova are guilty or guilty. not every criminal fact, and if the way they conducted investigations and operations would in any way hinder the rescue of the two kidnapped youths.

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