Monday , July 26 2021

"Marius Avram does not understand me! The night is stupid!

Cornell Dinu insulted Judge Marius Avram and criticized the players of Dynamo and HSU Craiova.

Here are the most difficult statements of Cornel Dinu:

… for the evaluation of Marius Avram in FCSB – CSU Craiova 3-2: – Do not understand me! He's stupid at night! From it, your father and your brother do not make the aribe like the world.

marius avram

… for Dinamo players: This team of Dynamo is just for a fall. You do not have anyone to fight in the championship. There are 200 terrible people who think we are fighting an orc but we are naked! Wait, I'm in one place!

… how Craiova defended the purpose of People: – You can not resist this! Keep me facing the enemy that the world sees us. It's like lying in a wound. You say the door is open and the power is drawn. Every defender should stand before the attacker "

fcsb csu craiova

… for Leagues Leaders 1:"Hagi, let God give him health, he showed us he could work with the youth. If we have an example, why not do it? Why do we go into the hands of the gallants who want to steal?

… for the sale of Mitriţa: "You can not do it, but you sell how a good player appears." And you say you shot that you did it in New York. Mitry is still in the Bronx, not Manhattan. He has his team "

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