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Michael Jackson would have offered him the jewels of minors in exchange for sexual services. Surprising revelations in a documentary released by HBO VIDEO

The four-hour documentary "Leaving Neverland," which talks about the alleged sexual violence Michael Jackson would have committed, was held at the Sundance Film Festival in the US city of Park City on Friday.

"Among many other shocking discoveries in Leaving Neverland's documentary, Michael Jackson gave the child jewelry to have sex and even organized a wedding with vows and diamond rings," writes Patrick Ryan, a US American journalist today.

The film will be shown by HBO and is based mainly on accusations made by Australian dancer Wade Robson (36) and James Seifchuk, who claim to have been kidnapped by the king when they were minors.

Devastated: Michael Jackson's Documentary

Both men claim they have been raped and harassed by Michael Jackson at Neverland's farm since the age of seven, and sexual violence continues until the age of 14.

Robson met Jackson at a 5-year dance contest and claimed abuse had started at the age of seven. Safechuck was circulated in Pepsi's advertisement with Jackson when he was 8, and claims abuse has begun in a few months of close friendship.

Jackson consistently denies and denies any guilt as he lives by saying he will never harm a child. As an adult, Robson was one of Jackson's defenders, along with Mackowie Kulkin and Cory Feldman. Jackson died in June 2009, notes

The film focuses on the accounts of Wade Robson and James Seifchuk depicted as a child with Jackson who have long claimed to have been raped and bullied by the singer.

And Michael Jackson and his successors denied any form of sexual harassment over time.

In response, the family described the documentary as "a sort of tabloid murder that Michael Jackson endured in his life and now after he died." Megastar's representatives also accuse the film of focusing too heavily on Robson and Seifchuk, and ignore those who have spent much time with the king of pop and say the musician "respects children and does not hurt them."

"The film includes unscrupulous statements of facts that would have occurred 20 years ago and treats them as deeds, which are the basis of two lawsuits filed by two well-known liars who are finally dismissed by the judge," said Jackson.

In addition, the two men also witnessed the trial in 2005, while Michael Jackson was tried, and then declared on oath that they had never been mistreated by the pop megastar.

The process ended with paying the pop star for allegations of abuse.

Later, however, in 2016, Wade Robson sued Michael Jackson's heirs, claiming a $ 1.6 billion indemnity. The man then told the court that Michael Jackson had harassed him by telling him he was masturbating, and the king of the pop would have touched him in the intimate zone.

On the other hand, the reactions of those who have watched the documentary have not been delayed. Thus, according to some critics, Michael Jackson is portrayed in a documentary as "a wonderful sexual predator and monster."

"Leaving Neverland" is a horror film, presenting an intimate, reliable insight into the story of two children with explicit sexual discoveries who have become Michael Jackson's "special friends" with the knowledge of their parents. Jackson was a great predator, a monster, "writes Geoff Wales, a Hollywood journalist.

"The accusations made by witnesses or victims of sexual abuse committed by Michael Jackson prove to be true, he is a pedophile," writes Mara Rainstein, a film critic.

The two accusers of the late artist were greeted at the end of the film and said they were not paid in any way for their participation in the documentary.

"I'm sure it's hard to believe everything I've said. We can only accept and understand something when we are really prepared for it. Maybe this will happen soon, maybe it will never happen. But that's their job, "Robson said, turning to the audience.

"Leavind Neverland's documentary, which lasts four hours, is absolutely devastating," was the message written on Twitter by another viewer.

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