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Rector of the police academy, haunted by DNA

Adrian Jakob, the Rector of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza Police Academy and the Proctor of the Police Academy "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" Petricia-Mihail Markovi were prosecuted by DA's prosecutors. in the threats to the death of journalist Emilia Sterkan. The two are accused of instigating extortion and are placed under judicial control for 60 days.

This morning, searches were carried out at the Rector of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza Police Academy Rector and four of his subordinates. The redundancies are related to an investigation into a suspected officer, an employee of the Academy, to send threatening messages to journalist Emilia Anercan.

According to anti-corruption prosecutors, the accused Iacob Adrian and Marcoci Petrică-Mihail, rector and deputy rector of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza Police Academy, in late March-early April 2019, led the accused Bărbulescu Gheorghe Adrian to send people investigating a journalist – a victim, threats (a text message and five messages with the Facebook Messenger application) to force her to stop journalistic investigations aimed at the Rector of the Police Academy to eliminate the risks to their professional careers,

"At the same time, the two instigators have promised the policeman who actually sent the messages of a threat that they would provide protection against criminal liability, and even encourage him during deeds," he said. – press release.

"More specifically, at the end of March and the beginning of April 2019, Jacob Adrian and Marko Petricha-Mihail asked Burbulescu Gheorghe Adrian, taking advantage of the ascending post related to their functional subordination, age and professional difference, the personal relationship between them and the gratitude of the latter for the possibility of continuing to work in the university environment, sending threatening messages to the injured person to stop journalistic investigations against Jacob Edrian.The requests were made in several discussions in which o Barbulesku Gheorghe Adrian wore both separately and together both at the headquarters of the Police Academy, said the anti-corruption prosecutors.

According to DNA, these steps are determined by the fact that between March and April 2019, the injured person has published several articles that directly affect the work of Rector of the Police Academy, Iacob Adrian, who could have significant career consequences. for the two senior officers, so it was crucial for them to stop journalistic inquiries.

"In this context, it should be borne in mind that the functions of university education imply the title of" physician ", and the continuing publication of articles would lead to an increased public interest in checking suspicions of plagiarism. Marcoci Petrică-Mihail's interest in stopping journalistic investigations is determined by the fact that the appointment of a rector depends directly on the rector of the educational institution so that the loss of Iacob Adrian's job will have negative consequences for him, "he said.

"In this context there is a well-founded suspicion that Marcoci Petrica-Mihail has devised the plan used to send threatening messages so that it is impossible to identify the author of the facts. There is also a reasonable suspicion that Jacob Adrian and Markovic Petritza-Mihail told Burbuzuque Gheorghe Adrian that the contents of the threatening messages should be passed on to the victim and gave him assurances by promising to protect him so he would not be fired responsibility, "also show prosecutors.

Rector and Deputy Rector of the Police Academy under judicial control

The DNA states that "the accused Iacob Adrian and Marcoci Petrică-Mihail were informed of their procedural quality and accusations under the provisions of Article 309 of the Code of Criminal Procedure."

While under judicial control, Adrian Jakob and Petrică-Mihail Marcoci everyone must comply with the following obligations:

(a) to appear in the criminal investigating authority when called;

(b) immediately inform the prosecuting authority of the change of residence;

(c) Appear to the police body under the established surveillance program or when called.

(d) to leave the territory of Romania only with the prior consent of the competent prosecutor;

e) not to approach the persons referred to in the Ordinance and not to communicate with them, directly or indirectly, in any way;

(f) communicate periodically, in accordance with the oversight program, relevant information on the means of subsistence;

g) not to act as a rector or proctor and not to work at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza Police Academy in Bucharest;
(h) not to hold, to use or to carry a weapon;

"The accused Jacob Adrian and Marko Petrich-Mihail are reminded that in the event of a breach of their obligations in bad faith, the measure of judicial control may be replaced by a house arrest or preventive arrest measure," the anti-corruption prosecutors emphasize.

"In this case, prosecutors have benefited from the support of the Romanian General Police Inspectorate's staff. It is recalled that the initiation of criminal proceedings is a stage in the criminal proceedings under the Code of Criminal Procedure, the purpose of which is to establish a procedural framework for the administration of evidence, an activity which in no circumstances can be contrary to the principle of the presumption of innocence, says the release of DNA.

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