Thursday , June 17 2021

SCANDAL IN JUSTICE: Exchange of correspondence between CSM member and lawyer Toni Neacsu. Marsh of Discord – EGO of Tudorel Toader – News Sources

The most-announced emergency ordinance Tudorel Toader makes magistrates disturbances! On Saturday, exchange of correspondence between Facebook and CSM member Bogdan Mateescu and lawyer Tony Neasu took place. It all started by a post by lawyer Tony Neasu, who said he had noticed real hunting for reasons that would make the government's extraordinary ordinance set aside for the annulment of the appeal in case of lifting all decisions on illegal constitutions. unconstitutional or unconventional.

"Professional associations of magistrates (FJO, the latest association of prosecutors), non-governmental organizations (VedemJust) or militant judges from the anti-government front (Cristi Danileţ and Bogdan Mateescu) were placed in the archives.

Their research is well-publicized by a part of the press that returns political opposition to Romania, filling the lack of resources of the real opposition (, G4media or Hotnews).
It ended with an outrageous material posted on, but absorbed in the central press, incitement to the failure of judges and courts to adhere to the unapproved emergency ordinance.
There is also a plan (apparently in the field of intelligence) to boycott the Ordinance: provoking an appeal in the interest of the law in the Supreme Court of Cassation, suspension of the application of the ordinance at the level of the courts, notification by the SCC management to the Constitutional Court of a legal constitutional conflict. Everything is under the pretext of legal disobedience of judges: "Judges, be independent, do not apply unconstitutional AIDS!"

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In this delirium of search for legal documents, some decisions of the Constitutional Court, an old ECHR judgment for Romania (Brumarescu 1999) and another ECHR for Bulgaria (Tsanova-Gecheva, 2015)

On the other hand, the Justice Minister simply gave "brief explanations" to Facebook.

In fact, it is not only constitutional but also mandatory that the government immediately regulates the remedies for serious and systematic violations of the right to a fair trial which took place in the SCC as of 1 February 2014 … " Neasu, adding that "it is unacceptable in a state governed by the rule of law, the Supreme Constitutional Court to establish the massive systematic and intentional violation of fundamental rights and the state not to take immediate effective recovery measures."

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Bogdan Matetescu, a CSM judge, immediately replied: "I am in no way contradicting a lawyer presented by the media as a former member of the CSM (I do not know whether to give him any meaning for speech beyond his dubious background) he lost her after a crime .

But I expect legal structures that comply with the law-specific obligations to finally assess, according to the law, certain aspects that could reasonably raise such problems.

I look forward to this besides the legal actions of my fingers as a citizen, because I really think that the profession of lawyer is and should be respected.

And who, without being annoyed, must set some standards of behavior, especially respected.

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