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Surprise: Dacia can launch hybrid all-terrain vehicle to escape Renault …


Dacia will launch a hybrid-powered SUV, according to an article published by Bloomberg, citing anonymous sources. At the moment, Dacia has a very high level of emissions and needs more efficient engines to avoid fines for the Renault group from 2020.

"It's hard to imagine that Dacia will stay away from this trend," said Olivier Murguet, Renault Group sales manager, on car electrification. At present, Dacia has the largest recoverable distance between EU 2021 emission targets and the current average brand level. For this reason, the French company, which owns the Romanian brand, must take steps to minimize Dacia emissions by using more efficient engines. Currently, a hybrid engine is inevitable, but its introduction may affect the flexibility of the brand.

Renault representatives have repeatedly stated that the Dacia electric model is not yet suitable, since the main advantage of the brand, the price will be seriously influenced by the presentation of the electric offer. In contrast, hybrid engines are becoming more affordable, and new soft-hybrid 48-volt batteries are beginning to be priced closer to the diesel engine.

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Currently, based on current fleet emissions, Renault has to pay around € 450 million in fines following the entry into force of the new CO2 emissions standards, with Dacia cars having the biggest impact on emissions. which have increasing sales and are increasing their footprint on the group's average emissions, given that Renault's efficient models have reduced sales. The calculation shows that about 17% of the group's projected profit can go to CO2 sanctions.

Became the Renault Group's profit center all these years, Dacia now generates, as analysts estimate, about 10% of net income comparable to the premium brand and perhaps even the margins of some of these expensive brands. The introduction of hybrid or electric engines could cost the Dacia brand about € 671 million, or € 1,269 per vehicle sold, according to an estimate by Arndt Ellinghorst, an analyst at the London-based Evercore ISI, quoted by Bloomberg. He says there is very little room for incorporating these costs into the prices accepted by Dacia's customers.

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Renault is currently selling the Zoe electric model for around € 23,000 and is set to launch the cheapest Clio hybrid-engine model in 2020. The petrol-electric engine can then be included in Dacia's offer. probably with Duster, which has the highest price in the range and thus allows cost to be introduced into profit margins. However, it is possible to see a new model in the range, another SUV, more expensive and better equipped.

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