Tuesday , July 27 2021

The Czechs introduced the new Skoda Kamiq. The engine range comes with five variants, one of which is CNG

The advent of Skoda's SUV continues to be on the alert. Kamiq Crossover is a new Czech Republic SUV that joins the successful KODIAQ and KAROQ models. Skoda Kamiq will be released for the world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show (March 5-17).

The new model combines the benefits of the jeeps, namely the high seating position, good visibility, easy access to the car and convenient descent, with the advantages of compact: agility and maneuverability. So the urban crossover ŠKODA is the perfect car for the city. Based on the Modular Platform of the Volkswagen Group (MQB), this model of ŠKODA offers new support systems and multiple Simply Clever solutions. This is one of the advantages of all ŠKODA models along with the rich interior space.

The interior of ŠKODA KAMIQ is distinguished by the new concept presented for the first time with the VISION RS study. The "line of character" surrounding the free screen in the driver's immediate field of view reflects the lid lines and is an ergonomic handle for the hand that uses the touch screen. ŠKODA offers another modern digital equipment for KAMIQ: the optional virtual cockpit display that has one of the largest 10.25-inch segmented segment displays in the segment. The new design of the instrumentation continues the emotional design of the exterior. Side air vents extend into the door, visually amplifying the feeling of generous space inside the machine.

The instrument panel with new décor elements and front door panels has a soft, high-quality surface with a crystal-like grain-like finish. This granulation will also be specific in future Skoda models. Exterior lighting highlights the pleasant atmosphere on the inside and is available in copper, red or white. Colors give visual accents to the nuances of the interior, creating interesting contrasts on the decorative stitching of the upholstery. For added convenience, the new Skoda offers additional windscreen heating, rear seats and steering functions.

Built on the modular cross-sectional matrix (MQB), Skoda KAMIQ delivers rich interior space. according to the high standards specific to all Skoda models. With a wheelbase of 2,651 millimeters, the car offers passengers on the back and knees a lot of space, 73 millimeters. The boot has a base volume of 400 liters, which can be extended to 1395 liters with folding backrests in the rear seats.

All the engines of the Skoda KAMIQ are directly injected with turbochargers. They come with a system of
braking energy recovery, Stop / Start technology, and compliance with the toughest Euro 6d-TEMP emission standards.

There will be 5 engines

The intake engine is a 1.0-liter gasoline unit that delivers 70 kW (95 hp). With a capacity of 1.0 liters, this three-cylinder model delivers a maximum torque of 175 Nm and is coupled with a 5-speed manual gearbox.

The 1.0-liter TSI has a power output of 85 kW (115 hp) and comes with a standard 6-speed gearbox but can be equipped with a 7-speed DSG option that generates a torque of 200 Nm.

The top engine is a four-cylinder TSI with a power output of 110 kW (150 hp) and a maximum torque of 250 Nm.
ACT technology automatically stops two cylinders when the load is light, saving fuel. This engine is also available with a 7-speed DSG as an alternative to the 6-speed manual.

All three gasoline engines are equipped with a gasoline particle filter.

The four-cylinder 1.6 TDI diesel engine with a power of 85 kW (115 hp) also offers a torque of 250 Nm
equipped with an AdBlue SCR catalytic converter and a standard particulate filter. This engine is coupled with a standard 6-speed manual gearbox and a 7-speed DSG
is available as an option.

The latest version of the 1.0 G-TEC engine is very environmentally friendly. This three-cylinder engine has a power output of 66 kW (90 hp) and a torque of 160 Nm. It is designed to work on CNG. This generates a lower CO2 level than conventional fuels. The power is transmitted through a 6-speed manual gearbox.

Skoda Kamiq offers state-of-the-art safety systems – Front Assist and Lane Assist
standard. Front Assist and Emergency Brake Assist, Lane Assist, which recognizes the markings on the treadmill and helps the driver to hold the belt, the adaptive speed control (ACC) or the crash brake are just some of the systems in this model.

There are three infotainment systems for the new Skoda Kamiq. The top-of-the-range is Amundsen, it is equipped with a 9.2-inch touchscreen display, among the largest in the segment. Virtual Cockpit has a 10.25-inch display with a variety of five different display types – Classic, Basic, Modern, Sport and Extended. Even the Bolero entertainment and entertainment system comes with an 8-inch screen,
and the entry level has a 6.5 inch screen.

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