Sunday , June 13 2021

The death of seven, due to flu, in Timis. The man suffers from other conditions

The person is 64 years old and is confirmed with influenza A virus with already existing diseases and unvaccinated influenza. This is the seventh death from Timis because of flu, related diseases and other conditions.

In week 4-10, the number of patients diagnosed clinically (ie with a rapid test rather than the results of the Cantacuzino Institution in Bucharest) reached 40, in Timis, decreasing by 8.3% compared to last week. Over the past week, 2387 cases of respiratory viruses have been reported in Timis, which is 35.5% less than the previous week – 99 patients were in need of hospitalization. 354 pneumonia was also reported, 35.5% less than last week, with 51 admissions.

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