Wednesday , June 16 2021

The euro continues to grow and reaches a new historic peak

The euro also rose on Friday after the tenth peak on Wednesday this month.

The National Bank of Romania (BNR) quotes a euro to 4.7648 lei / unit, 0.17% more than Wednesday.

The US Dollar reached 4,2034 lei / unit, which is 0.36% more compared to two days ago.

and the Swiss franc it happened on Friday. It was quoted at 4.2213 lei, compared to Wednesday when it cost 41946 lei.

The situation is the same solid, which is close to 5.5 lei. It reached Friday at 5.4929 lei, compared to 5.4444 lei, as quoted in interest rates.

The price continues to rise grams of gold, The NBR said it had reached 173.4522 lei compared to 173.0400 lei as it costs on Wednesday.

Here's what the exchange rate was on Wednesday

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