Saturday , October 1 2022

The gift received by Maria Dragomiru from her grandchildren on Thursday celebrating their birthday


Thursday was a holiday for Maria Dragomirey.

The beloved pop singer celebrated her name day and was thrilled to receive tears after receiving a priceless gift from her grandchildren.

As expected, the family members and his relatives were with the artist.

Maria Dragomiruy received well wishes, but also gifts … the most valuable thing she received for her birthday was a flower basket with pictures of her four granddaughters.

"On my birthday, along with the four gifts sent by the Good God: Ilinka-Nicol, Maria-Alessandra, Anna-Elisabet, John-Daniel," wrote Maria Dragomiruy on her social account.

Maria Dragomirui is compared – over time – to Maria Tanase, the lady of Romanian folk song.

The artist has been officially retiring for several weeks, recalls.
Maria Dragomiruy revealed in an interview how much money she receives monthly after she retires.

"I retired for a month and after 40 years of work I have 1,200 lei. How could I live ?! I can't give up the song, I depend on it financially. I have to live, everything goes through my stomach. We are not paid as outsiders, who afford to retire at some point, "the big singer told a television show.

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