Monday , October 18 2021

The Law of Tudor Cyril. Mircea Badea: I would give a law forbidding such a thing!


Photo description: Mircea Badea Photo: Bogdan Kotiga

Tudor Chirila spoke during the concert on Sunday evening in Constanta about the events of August 10, 2018, but also about the Karakala case.

Tudor Chirila participated in a concert organized by the Mayor of Constanta, that is, he provides public money. In this context, Mircea Badea said that Constance Mayor Desebal Faggedau is his enemy because instead of making schools, hospitals and roads, he gives money to artists.

The law … Tudor Cyril

In addition, the producer of the program "In the Mouth of the Press" from "Antenna 3" will pass a law that prohibits mayors and county councils from giving another lion for such concerts.

"The concert attended by Tudor Chirila was organized by the Constanta Mayor. Chirila and the other singers took money from the Constance Mayor to shake hands. I publicly declare the Mayor of Constanta as my personal enemy. I will be interested in it. "My goals. Has he solved the problems in Constanta? Has he done schools, streets and hospitals? I see he gives concerts for public money. I would give a law banning city halls and county councils from giving more money to the lion. You have graduated hospitals, schools, roads, and now you're doing the washing Cane? "said Mircea Badea.

About the prosecutors … no comment

The television producer also commented on Tudor Cyril's opinion on the Karakala case. The singer said: "Now, a year after this meeting, the entire Romanian press is shaken by a case that cannot be called collectively, this is a unique case. We know what it is, we know how much incompetence and misery have come to the surface. I understood that the police were friendlier with the interrogators than with the citizens, and we realized again that we live in a country where we have to be afraid. "

Mircea Badea said: “Cyril is very dissatisfied with the condition from which he takes money. He tells us it's a shitty country, but it's good to pay for it. He knew the police were friendlier with the interrogators than the citizens, but he knew nothing about prosecutors? I like this for those who take money from the state to swear … The state that gives money for something like this should be afraid. I'll take care of that too! ".

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