Tuesday , June 15 2021

The Ministry of Health may declare the outbreak of influenza

The flu continues to devastate Romania. According to INSP reports, the week from 14 to 20 January 2019 had an epidemic nature, similar to the previous week. The number of cases of acute respiratory infections increases again by more than 20% of the expected level.

According to experts, if the third consecutive week keeps its epidemic character, the flu epidemic will be announced. The Ministry of Health has informed the Ministry of National Education about the situation with the development of influenza infections and about the possibility of an additional measure for the prevention of influenza diseases consisting in the suspension of the courses at the university education units on 25 January 2019.

This measure was approved by an order of the Minister of National Education. Thus, as January 24 was officially declared a free day, for 4 days, children would be able to avoid exposure to collectivism.

"We will continue to closely monitor the development of the flu across the country. Together with the Ministry of Education, we will continue the epidemic triage in schools next week with a resumption of activity in school units. I recommend that parents continue to focus on sanitary measures, and that during the four days they are free to avoid exposing children to collectives, "said Sorina Pintea, Health Minister.

Prevention and control measures taken by the Ministry of Health last week at the beginning of the flu season will continue in the next period. Decisions to suspend course classes for a limited time will apply once.

Also, after an analysis of the requests submitted by family doctors and centralized by the public health directorates, the Ministry of Health initiated procedures for the purchase of an additional 25,000 vaccine doses.

"It is a pleasure that the number of people in risk categories chose to vaccinate more this season so that from 1,300,000 doses originally purchased by the Ministry of Health are still about 24,000 family doctors. Vaccination is the most effective method of influenza prevention, so we decided to supplement the number of influenza vaccines in order to protect as many people as possible in the risk categories for whom we offer free vaccination. We will insist on public procurement procedures and we estimate that next week they can start distributing them to family doctors, "said Sorina Pintea, Health Minister.

"We recommend the population to apply strictly the recommendations of the specialists for the prevention of the disease and the spread of the influenza virus: • Consultation with the family doctor for symptoms suggestive of flu and which may indicate an indication of hospitalization (eg use of disposable handkerchiefs or coughing / sneezing at the level of the inside of the elbow joint) • adequate hand hygiene to reduce the spread of the virus • wear appropriate protective equipment (masks, gloves, dresses) by a visitor and medical staff • Prolonged influenza vaccination Depending on the epidemiological situation, sanitary units are responsible for limiting access of visitors to hospitals, especially in high-risk conditions, "the Ministry of Health recommends.

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