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Tudor Curila, outraged. – That makes us disturb. Will take "

Artist Tudor Cirila reacts roughly to a social networking site. He was disturbed by the attitude of some audiences during his theatrical performances.

Tudor Chirila appeared to be a rebel on the social network after a young woman was disturbed by a theatrical show in which the artist played.

"I had a big lady on the show last night. Okay, that was a group of three, but one was shining. The first time he spoke at the same time, less than a meter away. I had to interrupt the show because I just could not speak at the same time with her popcorn remarks. I whispered to her that it was the theater, not the cinema, we were alive, we even work and it bothers us. There was a mixture of stupid smile and shame, I could not tell you the proportion of states. At that moment his phone rang. Although at the start of the show a young lady from the team asked the audience to close their phones. After I whispered an apostrophe, I resumed the game.

Our emotion and audience have already been shaken, so returning to the original condition was difficult. Anyway, we were not allowed to touch him because the lady, yes, the same, called her an alarm. This time my colleague was fined (I'd miss a lost cause). There was a new shadow in the pawn's voice (the result of the wedding between the lady and the girl): a dick. So, with a sigh, he explained to my colleague that it was an anxiety, what would he want to do? The moment finally closed me (restaurant) and I considered it a lost cause. Still, I think such copies, if left to play freely in a theater show, risk replacing our roles.

Our show was overwhelmed by the viewer of, because in the past we have made such an interruption. He received three stars and the explanation that the power of education should not be done. I answer that I have not forced anyone, but if the theater is my home, then you have to observe the rules of my house. The fact that you pay a ticket gives you access to the show does not give you the right to do what you want in my house. Yes, every time these rules are broken, I will take the attitude. Although at the cost of a shortage of short-term catharsis, Tudor Cirila said on his Facebook page.

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