Sunday , June 20 2021


Vodafone huawei

VodafoneThe radical solution for Huawei's products is taken by the well-known telecommunications group in the UK, but that is certainly not a surprise for many. We are talking about a solution that Vodafone certainly did not do very easily, saying it would stop activating new Chinese telecommunications equipment in major subsidiaries around the world.

VodafoneThis decision was taken by the operator as a result of all charges against the Chinese company, which are in an international scandal launched by the United States that blames it as a risk to the national security of many countries. Vodafone will not remove the current telecommunications equipment that is the basis of cellular networks in different countries around the world, but will not use more than the Chinese or 5G, especially if the problems are not resolved.

Vodafone will not install new Huawei equipment on its own networks

Vodafone, Spain is one of the countries mentioned by CEO of the group that it has not already installed Huawei's new telecom equipment, but many other countries also have networks based on this equipment. It is still unclear for what time this ban is imposed on Huawei's equipment, but we certainly do not speak briefly, especially as it is difficult to say what should be against the Chinese.

Vodafone says it will "halt" the deployment of Huawei's telecom equipment in its core network, while Western governments are not addressing the issues. We decided to stop Huawei further in our core while engaging with different agencies and governments and Huawei just to finalize the situation that I think Huawei is really open to and working hard.

VodafoneAfter Orange and Deutsche Telekom, this operator was expected to do the same, especially when British Telecom did something similar in the UK, only for future 5G networks. Vodafone's decision can also be applied in Romania, where the group has nearly 10 million customers and most likely uses Huawei telecommunication equipment as well as other local operators.

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