Tuesday , September 28 2021

"We came to the first", Romania's first inspirational film, released in Timisoara | Timpolis

Then Necula, the child protagonist of the film Noro, arrived in Timisoara as a director, with the film We go down first, an inspirational story about human nature and crisis behavior, but also about how you can really find someone if you have time to listen to it.

Film We go down first will be played at Capitol Hall from the Banat Philharmonic on Tuesday 6 November at 7:30 p.m.

This action took place in the morning after a collective fire when, having to spend several hours together because the subway stopped between stations, travelers began to find themselves, removing the prejudices they had over the people with whom they happened to be travel coworkers.

"This is an inspirational story that we live every day. We are on the subway, because we are in the world. This is not a Collective film, but life cannot refuse the event. There are parallel stories in the lives of many people who meet one day with special meaning for some of us"Said the director That's Necula.

Necula has collected in the distribution of this film some of the most beloved Romanian actors: Constantin Cotimanis, Adrian Păduraru, Teodora Mareş, Victoria Cociaş, Constantin Drăgănescu, Emilian Oprea, Ela Ionescu, Dan Murzea, Tudorel Filimon, Gavril Pătru, Tomas Otto Ghela, Cezar Grumuzescu , Francesca Leonte, Andrei Eftene, Porlogeu Funds, Iulia Dumitru and Sonia Teodoriu.

We go down first is an independent film, produced and directed by Tedy Necula, a picture signed by Alexandru Timosca, and a scenario belonging to Alexandre Axinte. The film recently won, among many other awards, 2018 IPIFF Cup and UPFAR-ARGOA Award for Best Debut in Fiction Indie Feature Film.

Necula – known since childhood when he became the film's protagonist Noro, hers Gabrea Radu – has directed many documentaries and is a well-known speaker.

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