Thursday , July 29 2021

What is the condition of Rona Hartner after the colon surgery: "Intervention is complicated"

Diagnosed with colon cancer, Rona Hartner undergoes a six-hour operation. This is after a month to find out if the tumor is cancer or not.

Friends of artists said that for Kick, Rona was out of surgery: "It was a classic surgery to get rid of the tumor." The intervention was complicated but ended well after six hours.

Rona is in intensive therapy to be seen and will be returned to the gym today.

The actress said from the hospital bed she had to go to France, but on Friday she was hospitalized for surgery by doctors who discovered her tumor. "This is a complicated operation, my colleagues are trying to evaluate this tumor pathology, it is possible to perform tests even during the surgery, depending on what can be decided," says Dr. Tudor Chiowataru of Antena Stars.

– I am fine. He keeps faith, hope, and I do not want to grow fear. I came to Romania for "The Mystery Scene" (n.r. – the new show of Dan Negru, which will be broadcast on Antena 1). On Wednesday I did not feel in the water. Before I went to the airport, the doctor told me that I would not go to Sinai because that would be urgent. CT showed that I have a tumor in the colon, that's my strength. Country was deaf, I did some investigations in France, but it did not give anything. I'm a person who does not take drugs unless the doctor says. If I was on an airplane, I was a phlebitis (a condition that is manifested by inflammation of the veins).

We are together, Hervey stayed with me here, we looked at the movie. Hard prayer. So we spend our time, we get the family, we visit, we all reassure. Tomorrow morning I'm working in the first hour, we all pray to light a candle for me, "said Rona Hartner to the Saturday Star Matinal Weekend.

Rona Hundert was hospitalized on Friday

"Honey, before some strange news comes up, I have to tell you what it is all about. We had a bad mood on Thursday evening, on Friday we were urgently taken and hospitalized at Florea's Hospital. I'll be operational on Monday. They found something on a tomograph, which is not good. I just want to ask you not to be afraid to go to a doctor when you feel bad. Because it may be a little worse than it seems. I thought it was an intestinal occlusion, but it's actually another problem, but it's a tumor. I'm not afraid to use it urgently, that's the best solution. I have the chance to be a great teacher in Romania, I have no care, I have no fear. I have already begun the treatment of iron to be in a form of surgery. Please pray to pray for me. Check out the Mystery Scene show on Antena 1, which I recorded last week. I rely on your loved messages and I know I will be the winner, because fortunately my doctor told me that the tumor was localized so that it was operative. Which is good. I keep you informed and I trust doctors in Romania, "said Rona Hartner.

Rona Hundert recently announced she was marrying 43-year-old French DJ Herve. She is married to actor Rocco Sedano, with whom she has a girl named Rita Shumalya.

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