Sunday , August 1 2021

What will happen to the new Disney streaming video service

What will happen to the new Disney streaming video service

Disney announced more than a year ago that it planned to launch its own streaming video service for many of its films and TV.

It can compete directly with streaming video services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. Now we know what will be called a new platform: Disney +.

As you can see in the official logo, the company is trying to prove that Disney + will bond organically to all its services. The company wasted no time in its action to create new content for the new platform.

As many have heard so far, Disney will launch its own video streaming service in 2019. The exact price and launch date is missing.

But at least we know how the video streaming service will be called. According to the company announcement, it will be called Disney +. Choosing a name is not surprising, especially if you take into account that the ESPN sports network has its own streaming service called ESPN +.

So, it's not surprising if the company uses that plus sign again. As expected, Disney + will host various corporate franchises, including Marvel and Star Wars.

These are just a few franchises that they hope to appear on the video streaming platform. The site also shows that we can expect content from Pixar, as well as from National Geographic.

As I said, Disney did not confirm the exact launch date for the platform, but is known to be released around 2019.

Those who are interested can enter the website and can leave their email address to be notified when the video streaming service starts functioning.

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