Thursday , July 29 2021

When is the NARE IAR in Bucharest? Meteorologists don't have good news at all. How is the weather in the coming days

In the capital, the temperature will not exceed 5 degrees Celsius on Saturday.

The weather will be cold with negative temperatures in almost all countries, the minimum temperature will be between -8 degrees Celsius and 0 degrees.

Isolated, there will be a small amount of rain, snow in the mountains and sub-valleys, and rain or snow in the southeast and southwest of the region.

Oltenia and most of Muntenia will snow more consistently and locally will be covered with snow.

In Banat, south of Crişana and in the east and southeast of Muntenia there will be mixed sediments, and in Dobrogea it will rain.

On Sundays, although the thermal value will increase slightly during the previous period, the weather will remain cold, especially in the morning.

During the day, the sky will be partly cloudy, the wind will be weak and the maximum temperature will be 4 … 5 degrees. Starting at night, clouds will increase, and especially in the second part of the night, will be moderate quantitative precipitation, especially in the form of snow, perhaps with a snow cover.

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