Tuesday , March 21 2023

Why the Minecraft game update that improves graphics has been canceled


Why the Minecraft game update that improves graphics has been canceled

This is the end of the Super Duper graphics update – an ambitious and free Minecraft DLC designed to enhance the game's graphics. Mojang Studio announced the cancellation of this project.

Mojang developers have informed that the Super Duper Graphics Pack DLC has been canceled. The project, announced at E3 2017, was intended to improve Minecraft's graphics, but unfortunately proved to be too ambitious.

Minecraft doesn't have the best graphics I've seen in games, but it works. However, back in 2017, game developers announced plans to release an update that would virtually improve the graphics.

The update was scheduled for release in the fall of 2017, but was later delayed until 2018 and is clear that it has not yet been released.

Unfortunately for Minecraft game fans who hope to have an update that improves graphics, it looks like it won't launch. In a statement on the Minecraft website, developers say the reason for the Super Duper cancellation was that it was more technically demanding than they had intended.

According to the developers, "We realize this is disappointing for some of you – there was a lot of enthusiasm for Super Duper in and out of the studio – but unfortunately we're not happy with how the update works on the devices. For this reason, we stop developing the update and look for other ways to experience the Minecraft game with a new look. "

It is quite disappointing that it was canceled, as certainly many are eager to install this update for the Minecraft game, which improved the graphics. But suppose it is better to cancel than Mojang to release a DLC that would not meet the standards that players are used to.

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