Wednesday , May 12 2021

Временный глава Renault has announced that it has been working on overcoming the stable groupings – Economics and business

PARIS, 23rd of November. (TAC). Interim president – general director of the Renault group, Türi Bolloré, said that he would have to deal with the more stable groupings. Corollo, a picture of Bolloré, named after a newcomer in a financial scandal, said the Renault-Nissan Carlos Gona, shuffled in Twitter at Twitter.

"It is a good idea to make sure that the Group has a stable and competitive driving experience, and that it will be interesting for Renault and its resilience," – demethylamine. "Вы можете рассчитывать на мою полную приверженность этому делу", – has reported Bolloré, обращаясс к сотрудникам концерна. He has certified that company продолжит функционировать без сбоев thank you beautifully организираноной работте.

On Monday, a 64-year-old Carlos Gon and a Japanese director, Nissan, Greg Kelley, was arrested in Tokyo's Prosecutor's Office on suspicion of violating Japanese financial laws. According to reports, in the past few years, Gon received Nissan's $ 10 billion (almost $ 89 million) worth of Nissan stores, and he also declare a flat-rate salary of just over half a million dollars. Seichas said the figure was coming under guardianship – the wounded Tokyo had met the prosecutor's office and had a term of arrest for 10 days.

Вторник Бололоре был назначен на заседания сова директоров Renault временный президент – генеральным директором компании. In the post, the chairman of the company was chosen Philippe Lafayette.

In Nissan, he made a decision to dismiss Gona as chairman of the directors' committee, and Kellie was deprived of his own abilities.

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