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7 used luxury sedans for the price of the new Vesta


There is nothing strange in the fact that when looking for a car, the Russians look at used cars. Even frank low-cost airlines today support the figure of 1 million rubles, not to mention truly valuable cars.

But the secondary for the Russian man – space! Indeed, instead of the new Vesta and Solaris, you can choose a real premium here – with loads of options, leather upholstery and high status. Although, if you are not lucky, then there is also a bag of problems.

Therefore, in order to answer the question "what to choose – a new budget officer or used ultralux?", You need to ask another one: how much money are you willing to spend on maintenance? If buying a vacuum cleaner is not a scary one, welcome to the world of prestigious shrubs. Today we will select 7 representative sedans in the price range from 600 to 800 thousand rubles, which they sell on popular online sites – and Avito Auto.

Year of manufacture – 2008, declared mileage – 181 605 km, although we would multiply the figure by 2. The diesel engine develops 235 hp.

Don't believe it, but on that budget it is quite possible to buy the real king of all luxury sedans – the Mercedes-Benz S-Class at the back of the W222. Yes, at the very bottom of the car market for this model you should not rely on a car "from the needle" and, most likely, such a Mercedes will have a whole bunch of hidden problems. But if you really want it, then you might as well choose a basic 3-liter diesel engine instead of the powerful V8. In particular, this silver S 320 CDI is sold by a dealer, which minimizes legal issues (although it does not completely rule them out – beware!).

Year of release – 2008, declared mileage – 240,000 km. Engine power 4.2 L V8 – 350 hp

The Ingolstadt executive sedan – the Audi A8 – also fits into our budget, and we're talking the same way about an eleventh-grader with three owners and likely surprises. Although the current seller claims to have "not saved money on the car", but almost all online key sellers have said so. But the A8 is packaged, despite its age, one hundred percent acoustic – bixenon, leather, seat ventilation, power hoods and, of course, Quattro all-wheel drive. The inspection of such vehicles for crime and involvement in an accident should be done three times carefully, but this applies to all models in this collection.

Year of manufacture – 2010, declared mileage – 125 524 km, engine power 4.6 l – 373 bhp

The most luxurious Korean of your time, even in excellent condition and a fresh year of release, you can buy just over 1 million rubles today. Examples older than ours in 2010 are priced on an empty Vesta basis. The Ekus equipment is sometimes even better than the German competitors – in our 4.6 liter car we found that it has a refrigerator, massage and even shutter. In terms of reliability, Equus has proven to be quite strong, but cases at the bottom of the market should be studied with bias. "I used to go a little. Mostly on weekends. The oil changes every 7000 km," the seller writes.

Year of manufacture – 2008, declared mileage – 215,000 km, 4.4 liter engine develops 407 hp

Where without the bold BMW 7 Series, and even the 750Li version with long wheels with 407hp engine? An adult Bavarian sedan has already succeeded in changing at least three owners, though the TCP of the copy found is somehow original and the car looks a lot in the picture. The seller did not become generous with the detailed description, stating only that the car was in "very good condition" and the diagnosis did not make mistakes. The equipment of the seven is decent and includes separate electric rear seats and even monitors at the back of the seats.

Year of manufacture – 2010, mileage – 158,700 km. 3.0 L turbo diesel engine – at 275 bhp

There are secondary options for fans of the British car industry. Although the Jaguar XJ executive sedan does not fit into our budget – simply because of the newer launch years, the more compact XF business car fits in. Stylish and still modern despite the fact that this particular burgundy sedan was launched 9 years ago. "The contents of the Alcantara Ceiling Portfolio package, heated windscreen, steering wheel, seats, seat ventilation, rearview camera, B&W music. There are chips and parking scratches on the front bumper, but the owner has promised to repair or discount them.

Year of manufacture – 2007, mileage – 170,500 km. The 4.6-liter V8 engine produces 381 hp.

The honor of Japanese luxury is maintained by the large and still prestigious Lexus LS 460, although instead of the new cheap Lada you can only pick up copies from the 2007 model year, like the one above. In addition, the seller claims to have owned the car since 2010 and generally has only two entries in TCP. The current owner honestly admits that the hood and armor have been repainted. But at the same time, new suspension arms, air struts and brake discs were installed. Presidential equipment includes an ottoman, a minibar, a massage function and even a pull table.

Year of manufacture – 2011, mileage – 99,000 km, Under the hood – 2.5-turbo 231 bhp

Like the Jaguar, the large Swedish sedan Volvo S80 does not reach representative status, but in the case of this model there is a chance to find a car in the new year. In our case, 2011 The major drawback of this pattern is the numerous chips and scratches, including threshold damage. The owner writes that he did not specifically prepare the car for sale, so lovers of the needle-eye look should put a budget for cosmetics here. Well, the declared mileage of 99,000 km should not be taken moderately, because the visually light leather chairs have been overwritten with a mileage of 299,000 km.

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