Friday , December 3 2021

Acura Type S heralds the return of powerful versions – Autoreview


In the past, the Type S prefix marked the most ardent and powerful versions of Acura cars, but the latest such machine came off the assembly line ten years ago. The company recently decided to revive this glorious tradition and now they are ready to confirm their intention: the Acura Type S concept car is ready to debut

In fact, we are facing the prototype of the future second-generation Acura TLX sedan, which will simply have a "loaded" upper version. An effective four-wing was created at California's Acura Design Studio. It retains the corporate identity of current models such as a pentagonal radiator grille or head optics consisting of several sections. But the designers did well in profile.

The large front overhang, typical of cross-engined cars, has not disappeared, but the concept has a dynamic silhouette: compared to the current four-door, the interior has been reversed, the hood has become longer, and additional windows have appeared in the rear pillars of the roof. Judging by the recent highlights, all this will remain with the Acura TLX production model.

Features of the 'loaded' Type S concept – wide track, massive wheel arches, an aerodynamic carbon fiber kit and 21-inch wheels. In addition, the developers announced Brembo brakes with four-piston all-wheel drive. But the power engine is still silent.

The second-generation Acura TLX is expected to launch in 2020, and the powerful version won't take long. The company promises that over the next two years the Type S modification will come in two models: According to preliminary information, the second car will be the new large MDX crossover, whose debut is also just around the corner.

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