Saturday , April 17 2021

An effective cure for tuberculosis has been approved. Reedus

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a pill for tuberculosis that will help people with severe tuberculosis.

It is reported to be the first non-profit medicine developed with funds from charity.

This medicine will help patients who have not been treated for tuberculosis in the early stages. Decades of ineffective treatment have made tuberculosis strains resistant to drugs and many of today's drugs are unable to fight the infection in the long term. said the scientists.

The tuberculosis pill has undergone all key studies. In one of the largest tests, it cures 90% of participants with drug-resistant tuberculosis.

The drug is able to fight advanced stages of tuberculosis. 18 to 30 months are required to help the patient – this is approximately eight injections without counting additional antibiotics.

Despite the positive results, the drug has side effects, including: liver damage, nerve pain and irregular heartbeat.

Scientists hope to shorten the list of side effects over time to make the drug even safer. The new tuberculosis combination can save over 75,000 patients annually, mainly in India, China, Indonesia, South Africa and Nigeria, the FDA said.

Recall that around 1.6 million people die from tuberculosis worldwide each year. The disease usually affects the lungs and bronchus of a person, but it can affect a number of other organ systems, such as musculoskeletal, nervous, genitourinary and even affect the whole body.

Tuberculosis is transmitted through air droplets in contact with the infected as well as through the blood of the patient. There are cases of infection of humans through pets as they are also susceptible to the disease.

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