Monday , November 29 2021

Ani Lorak fans criticize her ex-husband :: showbiz ::


Fans of the singer threw themselves at her ex-husband Murat
Nalchadzhioglu. Ani Lorak's fans also criticized the man's new sweetheart.

Murat Nalchagioglu posted a photo on his personal Instagram
resort. In the frame he is captured with a new lover. The girl's name is Samia

Murat gently hugs Sammy. Together they look great
happy. According to rumors, their relationship lasts a little less than a year, but earlier
The singer's ex-husband didn't show them.

Note that in the comments below this post, fans of Annie
Lorak threw out a negative tone. A storm fell on Nalchadzhoglu and Akhmetov

Internet residents make fun of the girl's appearance, posing
with which she took a picture. Moreover, Murat was directly told that she was “unhappy
Lorak replacement. "

"He didn't fit
never, here's his option??
(the spelling and punctuation of the authors are reserved below. – Approx.) "," Murat has no taste at all – it is not beautiful, it is not natural … of course Annie
lorak is a better and more feminine beauty "," Terrible …. lips strong
pierced … "," That
Murat really suits more than beauty and clever Carolina, ”Ani Lorak fans wrote.

Recall, a few months ago, 40-year-old Ani Lorak declassified a new lover – 26-year-old sound producer Black Star Egor
Gleb. The couple stopped hiding and happily posted together
Instagram photos. Note that according to the same network users, Egor
does not fit Annie.

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