Saturday , June 12 2021

Basharov aggressive on the critique of "The Battle of the Extras" :: Shaw Business ::

The scandal around the show "The Battle of the Extras"
a new round. Program leader Marat Basharov accused of fraud and falsification of the author
movie "Going to Hell". Boris Sobolev's tape had to be
exposing all "wizard programs".

Participants in the Battle of the Extremists assure: nothing
one that was expressed in the film by Boris Sobolev, they did not say. And there are no checks
did not pass. In particular, Mehdi Ebrahimi waapa said: he was recognized as a statement
to pay for successful performances in the project. He noticed this at the moment
shooting the third season "The Battle of the Extras" he was a student – so
he just did not have that kind of money.

The film also cites the words of Marat Basharov and Sergey
Safronova – the guides said they openly allowed the participants to the camera
programs get hints, and people with supernatural people are not really
there is.

Marat Basharov responded to Boris Sobolev by publishing a video
your Instagram. painter
said he never gave an interview to this journalist. And Sobolev
charged with forgery.

"Two years ago a movie team came to me
to interview me about the theater, I was happy to accept them,
invited to the theater, in his dressing room. Naturally, what should be expected
your journalistic brotherhood, the questions of the second question were not about the theater,
but for "The Battle of the Extras"And I told you there was no take off
there are no bases in this project, "said Marat Basharov.

The actor categorically stated that Sobolev had gone to fraud and forgery: he took fragments from an interview with Basharov with another
journalist and uses them in his film The Battle of the Extras. In addition, the journalist issued a joke for recognition
that he takes $ 1 million to "offer
The Battle of the Psyche does not take bribes, he concluded

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