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Beauty-daughter arrives at crash Volochkova :: Showbiz :: Days.ru

Anastasia Volochkova crashed on her return from Greece, where she spent a paradise vacation. Ariadne's only daughter came to the infamous ballerina.

Anastasia Volochkova flew to Greece as soon as she presented the play Ballerina in the Watching Circus. The actress rehearsed eight hours a day. Efforts were not wasted: the production was noisy, and on vacation Anastasia showed a slender figure in miniature swimwear.

However, everything has its end and Volochkova, enjoying the sun, the sea and the beauty around, returned to Moscow. Not without adventure. The actress was quite alarmed by numerous fans when she revealed pictures of a broken knee.

The ballerina did not explain in what circumstances she was injured. However, she posted a photo on Instagram that was taken at home with her daughter Ariadne. The girl grows up and, according to fans, becomes a real beauty. "My joy Arisha", briefly Volochkova signed a joint photo.

According to rumors, Ariadna has moved from her mother. It is alleged that there were serious communication problems and she chose to live with her father, businessman Igor Vdovin. Later in an interview, Anastasia directly stated that Ariadna does not live with her. She gave no reason and just explained that the heiress rarely sees her father. Volochkova welcomes the desire of her ex-husband and daughter to spend more time together.

By the way, Anastasia has a bad relationship with her mother Tamara. Talking to Xenia Sobchak, the ballerina complained about her. It is claimed that she dreamed of being a ballerina, she envied her daughter and demanded part of her fee, and also almost put Nastya on influential men. Selected mothers of Volochkova strongly dislike.

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