Thursday , July 29 2021

Bizzard will make Overwatch free for a full week.

Starting from November 20, gamers will be able to use this shooter without any payment. In the same period, you can spend and test the full version of the game.

Bizzard announced that Overwatch will be free all week. You can download it using Microsoft Market or PS Store. You can also download the PC version using the official launcher from the studio that released this "shooter".

Between November 20 and November 27, gamers will have access to all characters, maps and shooter modes. The developers have announced that after the game project is acquired, the completed mission will be saved and transferred to the release version.

The company continues to successfully promote its products on the gaming market. For this purpose, he constantly makes marketing efforts.

In particular, he announced the championship Overwatch Cosplay Battle in European countries. This project involves gamers from Russia, Germany, Italy, England and France.

Each team assumes the presence of three people. The winners will receive prizes of 2,500 euros each. 3D printers and materials needed to print will be added to them.

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