Monday , May 16 2022

Blogger tests Renault Arkana four-wheel drive with 1.3 turbo engine and CVT


The French coupe has not only an attractive appearance but also an enviable cross-country capability.

The recently appeared Renault Arkana has generated mixed reviews from motorists. The host of the Palych Live channel is testing a French four-wheel drive coupe.

Under the hood, the Arkana, which was tested, received a 1.3-liter turbocharged engine that was combined with a variator and four-wheel drive. For such a car in Russia will have to pay from 1 400 000 rubles, but the blogger doubts that this car costs so much. "Is the price justified?" Asks the surveyor.

In the urban area, the Renault Arkana performs perfectly – with less vibration, and the electric steering wheel makes steering easier, allowing you to freely maneuver on the road. The accelerator pedal is quite responsive, allowing you to quickly win the first hundred. The blogger stressed that the Arcana is perceived as a car.

In terms of "ground", the French crossover coupe also has good behavior – thanks to the stability system, the car does not enter high-speed skating, and Arkan slows down too easily – just press the appropriate pedal. As for the off-road, the Renault Arkana got off a steep hill with no problems – the body geometry is enough to make such a maneuver. More difficult sections, the "French" also passes without problems and it was not difficult to drive the car to a very steep climb.

The blogger noted that the Renault Arkana is a very practical car that can easily drive on the highway, in the city and off the road.

Thus we can say that "Arkana" is known not only for its beautifully designed appearance.

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