Wednesday , August 17 2022

Bloggers test drive Renault Arkana with turbo engine and CVT: AutoMedia: VladTime


The French coupe-shaped crossover, in addition to its beautiful design, has many more advantages, including excellent cross-country capability and excellent maneuverability.

Many Russians already had the opportunity to drive the Renault Arkana, built on the basis of the famous Renault Duster, but they failed to fully unlock its capabilities. Bloggers from YouTube channel Palych Live conducted a test drive of a French crossover in the form of a turbocharged coupe and CVT.

The engine compartment of the "Arcana" under consideration is occupied by a 1.3-liter turbo engine that interacts with a variator and an all-wheel drive system. A car with such parameters in Russia will cost from 1 400 000 rubles, but is it worth "the Frenchman" so much and is it better to buy a "Duster" for that money, the surveyor realized.

While driving in the city, the blogger noted that the Renault Arkana felt less vibration and, thanks to its built-in electric steering wheel, made it easier and more maneuverable.

The reviewer also praised the responsive gas pedal and unlike the Duster, the French coupe is a very light car. "It will make Duster with automatic transmission," the observer said.

When driving on a dirt road, the Frenchman is also doing well – ESP helps the car not get off at high speed. Off-roading for the Arcana is no problem either – the Renault Arkana's steep descents or ascents proved to be excellent, facilitated by the body geometry. Also, the French body crossover and the more difficult rough terrain are doing well.

Dmitry Pavlicko

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