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The cadastral chamber explained the innovations in registering home transactions

This is a new procedure for applying electronic signatures. Starting August 13th, it will be impossible to apply for registration of a remote property transfer without the owner's permission

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On Tuesday, Russia enters into force a law governing the use of enhanced qualified electronic signature in real estate transactions. Under the new rules, such transactions will only be possible with the written consent of the property owner. This is stated in the message from the Federal Cadastral Chamber, received by RBC.

Citizens are given the opportunity to file an application with the USRN to record the transfer of ownership of their property on the basis of a statement in electronic form, certified by electronic signature. In addition, in the absence of such an entry in the USRN, it is no longer possible to make a remote transaction.

An application for the possibility of registration actions based on electronic documents certified by electronic signature (EP) may be submitted in connection with all real estate owned by a person or any of them. The corresponding entry in the USRN must appear within no more than five business days of the date of submission of the application by the citizen.

A simplified procedure for real estate transactions has come into force in Russia

"In other words, if a citizen considers that it is possible to transact his real estate in electronic form using an electronic signature, he or she may file a statement with the paper registration authority, that is, express his / her consent in the traditional form . A special marking will then be made at USRN. Otherwise, the registration documents for the transfer of ownership, for example as a result of the sale of property submitted electronically and certified by electronic signature, will be returned without consideration, ”said Pavel Chashchin, Deputy Chief of the Federal Cadastral Chamber.

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