Monday , August 2 2021

"Comet of death" flies to Earth. Reedus

The 2015 Asteroid TB145, shaped like a human skull, will approach Earth at a distance of 38 million kilometers on November 11, reports

According to its name, the asteroid was discovered by scientists in 2015. On October 31 of the same year, the celestial body was at a distance of about 480 thousand kilometers from the surface of the Earth. Therefore, in honor of the holiday of the same name, the 2015 asteroid TB145 was informally named Halloween. Because of its shape, similar to a human skull, it is also called "death comet."

The diameter of the asteroid is 625 meters. According to some researchers, it is a dead comet.

It should be noted that the next time in 2015, TB145 will approach Earth no earlier than 2082.

At the end of September, as Reedus wrote, large SP1 asteroids approached our planet from around 70 to 160 meters.

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