Sunday , July 25 2021

Danko singer about asking his wife to alms :: Show business ::

The former civil wife of singer Danko Natalya Ustyumenko, with whom they lived 13 years and separated after the birth of their daughter with cerebral palsy, was forced to beg for alms. A woman raises money to buy a new washing machine.

"I will not announce this collection, but my washing machine is broken, and without it there is no way. Agatha's saliva flows, the carpet on which he lies on his face must continue to be washed," TV channel "Russia 1" explained why Natalya Ustyumenko pushed raise money with attention, but people who are not interested.

According to him, it does not need to depend on the support of the woman's own father. "I am very sorry for the child that such a betrayal has occurred. I do not know how to leave it without caring, without love," said the former civilian wife of singer Danko. By the way, he decided not to seek payment of benefits by an artist through the court, because he took this position.

According to singer Danko, their daughter did not take reality completely, so she did not need the attention of her parents – she, she was sure, did not pay attention to her. "I think this is how he tries to justify himself, because he wants to regulate his life," said Natalya Ustyumenko.

"But only Natasha can have Agatha like that. You know, there are films like that" Damn ", so it's about her, and everything is small. Like a black hole", – the artist himself said.

"You understand that it is my reward that he has the opportunity to take and collect neat amounts in a few days. That is my reward. I am attracting people's attention to this problem, I hit the alarm!"

According to singer Danko, this is enough to support her daughter and a former general law wife, with whom they lived together for 13 years. This was supported by the beloved Maria Siluyanova, with whom they moved to live in Yalta. The girl was convinced that because her daughter's daughter was caught up in development, she did not need her father's support.

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