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Experts and journalists – on the replacement of Hasley with Albona and the future of Quent


None of the experts and journalists were surprised by Red Bull's decision to send Pierre Gusley submission. But is it too early to transfer to the main team Alexandra Albon and why they chose him and did not score more Daniel Colors?

"Poor Albon! I would take Kwat "

Joe Sayworth, Motorsport Week columnist:

Red Bull decided to replace Hasley with Albona. Hopefully this transition will happen for the Albon debut not too soon. Red Bull has a habit of pushing pilots too early and disrupting their careers. Nevertheless, Helmut Marco believes that pilots must drown or learn to swim – so he doesn't have enough riders. "

Philip Horton, Motor Week:

"Such a decision means that the pilot once cast by the Red Bull is now the Red Bull, replacing the pilot who will now become a teammate of the pilot in Toro Rosso, who was previously dropped by the Red Bull and after this completely discarded. And this is also the first case of a Formula 1 substitution in the post-2017 season when … Gusli replaced Quat. "Red Bull" gave, "Red Bull" took. And then he gave it again. Perhaps.

Everyone – well, at least for humanistic reasons – will hope that Gusley will regain confidence and faith in his own abilities. And everyone will hope that Albon seizes the opportunity that no one could have imagined 12 months ago. But if not, would anyone be surprised if after 12 months the press release about the new Red Bull squad returns to the mailbox? "

Ride! He didn't take Quat at Red Bull, but a partner lower than him

Strangely enough, there is logic.

Tom Coronel, Dutch rider:

"Poor Albon. I think this is a smart decision for Red Bull, but Albon will have to survive. If he doesn't perform better than Hasli, then that could be the end of his career. But I understand that he cannot take this opportunity – you, as a pilot, must do it. In addition, at Red Bull, everything is decided by the big bosses.

This is a typical Red Bull solution. I would choose Quat. This is the Hulkenberg / Magnussen type: a very good, fast, experienced pilot who will be very helpful to your team. And choosing Albona, you are under a lot of pressure. But maybe they see something in Alex that I don't see. Of course, they have all the data. For Albon it will be a matter of survival. Good work can be called if he is closer to Max than Gusli. Will be within three tenths of Max. "

Former Formula One pilot Martin Brandl, Sky Sports reviewer:

"I sympathize with Pierre, but he'll be behind the wheel again and stay in the game. Good luck on Alex. He made his great Formula One debut, but now he will need all the methods and tricks from the repertoire of F-1 racers to survive Max's day. And next comes the star-maker / grim reaper who, as a criminal, watches over his performance. "

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Quat's chances of returning to Red Bull next year are low

Oksana Kosachenko, Head of Motor Sports:

"There is probably nothing unexpected. Both Mr Marco and Mr Horner know what Daniel Quat is capable of in a fast car. Now you need to find out what a young athlete is capable of. This is the main explanation. They have to figure out who to pick for next season. There is a small part of the championship about this. There will be many songs where Albon has not performed yet. They will appreciate what he is capable of.

Is Red Bull at risk of ruining Albona's career by moving him too early? Nobody says Albon is forever. The young Verstapen came, and we also shook our heads: "Look at this guy, he's winning the race." Age does not matter. Remember the same Hamilton. Now the situation is normal for Albon, he could be a pilot, if left next year he will prepare. Quat's chances of returning to Red Bull next year are low. Now Albon will come, let him show himself first. "

Egor Orudzhev, pilot of the SMP Racing program in endurance racing:

"I hope Albon will do better than Hasli. Of course, Red Bull counts on contending for second place in the Designers' Cup. Now it's interesting to find out if Verstappen is really that cool or just didn't pull Hasli. I think Max will be faster, but the difference with a partner will narrow. It is interesting to see how many. I think when Alex gets in the Red Bull car, he'll drive close to level or Max. Overall interesting and incomprehensible. I think the Red Bull themselves are not sure how the situation will change. "

The roster of Toro Rosso pilots is already more experienced than in the Red Bull

Scott Mitchell, motorsport reviewer:

"In the short and medium term, Hasli harmed the Red Bull. When the team believes they can contend for the title next season, the version of Gusley we saw in the first half of 2019 is not good enough for such ambitions. Red Bull hopes their bold act will pay off: they will be able to make the 2020 squad with the information and choose the most powerful option to fight Mercedes and Ferrari for the first title of 2013 .

At worst, however, Red Bull will be left without any internal options. If Albon fails and Hasli is facing psychological decline, does that mean the place will definitely get Quat? And that's only if he does enough in the rest of the season to convince the Red Bull that he'll be better than Gusli. "

Fergal Walsh, F1Today:

"Probably next year the place in the Red Bull will be occupied by Albon or Quat, given Hasli's problems. Or can Kvyat take care of any other seat in the F-1 that will further increase Albon's chances?

Last year, some questioned Brandon Hartley's ability to be an F-1 pilot in a fight that won Gusli. A fresh battle with Quatt in form will be able to tell us more about the power of Gusley – but don't forget about the difficulties Quatt experienced after the Red Bull transfer in 2016. "

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"Quat is not stable enough against a much less experienced partner"

Kate Colontin, fans of the race:

"For a pilot intent on returning to the top team, Quat was not stable enough in front of his much more experienced partner in the right stock. During the first part of the season, Albon was slightly ahead in speed. Quat more often brought his STR14 to the finish line. But when Albon gained experience, then everything slowly began to take shape in favor of the young pilot. This is most noticeable in their qualifying match.

In competitions, Albon usually chases Coat. It is hard to imagine that if Quat kept ahead of Albon in a way that reflected their difference in experience, then Red Bull would not have brought him back. So this can be considered a missed opportunity.

At the same time, let Albon's performances be impressive, given his experience, and while individual races such as Hockenheim were very strong, he did not always look like a pilot worthy of being promoted to the top team. Therefore, it seems that Red Bull thinks: Gusli is so far from Verstappen that you just have to try an alternative. The question now is whether Albon can succeed in an environment in which Gusley fails. "

Popov: I don't think Kvit himself refused to go to Red Bull

Mark Hughes, Motor Sports Magazine:

"Alex didn't always have a perfect weekend, but his level was noticeable anyway. When everything went right, he was usually faster than the more experienced Quat. This is a competitor with undoubted natural talent.

But if you look realistic, then with all the six months of Formula 1 experience, he'll have to go straight to Max Verstapen. The question is whether he can handle this challenge. If he manages to take advantage of Red Bull's competitiveness in some competitions and find himself in a full-time battle with Mercedes and Ferrari, then that may allow him to earn extra time to gain experience and take a chance. But he could easily end up in 2020 in the Toro Rosso cockpit again. The requirements are difficult and only the result will allow them to withstand. "

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