Friday , July 30 2021

Ford Focus Cross-Station: 35 mm smaller clearance from the Vesta off-road

Europeans can now order a new version of the "pyatidverki" Focus Active with a plastic body set, increased clearance and reconfigured suspension.

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The fourth generation Ford Focus was introduced in Europe in April 2018. In addition to the "hatchback" and the wagon, the company also introduced a "hatchback". Now is the time for such a version of the "barn". Outside, this car is different from the standard modification: there is a tinted plastic paint on wheel arches, bumpers and skirting boards.

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Other differences include increased clearance: 30 mm at the front and 34 at the rear. The Ford Focus Active is 164 and 168 mm respectively. This, incidentally, is not a very high indicator. By comparison, the Russian wagon Lada Vesta SW Cross equals an impressive 203 mm.

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The Ford Focus Active Wagon received a refurbished suspension: other springs, shock absorbers and strike bands. All changes are designed to smooth road irregularities. No four-wheel drive is available for this vehicle. Driving electronics have two additional modes – sliding, for driving on slippery surfaces and Trail for driving sand. While the "normal" focus has only three modes – Normal, Sport and Eco.

The fourth generation Ford Focus is based on the new C2 modular platform. The Focus Active offers three-cylinder EcoBoost gasoline turbochargers (125 hp and 150 hp and 150 hp) as well as a four-cylinder EcoBlue turbocharged (150-hp 1.5 liter and 150 hp). with 2.0 liter volume). Gearbox – 6-speed "mechanics" and 8-speed "automatic".

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In the list of equipment of the model: multimedia complex Sync 3 with voice control, wireless gadget loading; Among the electronic assistants are the adaptive head, the active cruise control, the road sign recognition system and the active maneuvering assist function.

New generation Focus production for the European market was created at Zarlui (Germany).

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It is not yet clear when the new generation of Ford Focus will reach the Russian market. We may have a model next year. The current focus is the best-selling brand in the Russian Federation. From January to September, a total of 10,847 copies were sold (+ 6.5%). Focus accounted for more than a quarter (28.4%) of total brand sales.

Recall recently in Ford, who appeared on a cross sedan. The version of the "four-door" Ka is called Urban Warrior (translated as "city warrior"). The car is being developed by the Brazilian division of the company, Russia is not planned to sell.

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