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How the family of Julia Homeva lives

PR Director Anna Isaeva told the portal, which now lives with the singer's daughter

fans Julia Homeva on Wednesday again brought her flowers. Unfortunately, roses had to be put on stage during her concert – now numerous bouquets consisting of an odd number of flowers cover only Julia's tomb at Troyakurova's cemetery in Moscow.

Remember, the singer who started her career early 1992 with a victory in the television show "Morning Star" died as a result of heart arrest on March 16, 2019. She is only 38 years old. For many of us, it is remembered with a beautiful voice and an unusual way of performing, which is quite unusual for Russian art. Well, of course, Julia's "business card" was a sincere smile, her ability to remain positive in any situation, and to share this positively with others.

40 days have passed since the star's death. Relatives and friends are gradually getting used to the idea that their little Yulenka will no longer be around, but at the same time they carefully value her memory. Here's what he told the portal of the singer's PR manager and a good friend of the family. Anna Isaeva,

– We woke up a day earlier. The decision to transfer was mainly due to the fact that on the 40th day Vera had an open lesson at school. The second reason was that we wanted quietly to stay at the cemetery so that no one around us would run and not rush. There were many of us there, relatives, friends and relatives – about 70 people in total. We wanted to spend this time with Julia. So yesterday we were at the cemetery, and then there was a commemoration. "

Many of her friends came to remember the singer's memory on that day, for example, the group's "prime minister" and the TV host. Julia CostyushkinAnd, like the funeral, she could not hold back her tears.

"There was no day for those 40, so I did not think I did not remember you! It is said that it is necessary to let go so that the soul of the deceased rises up in the sky and rests in the hands of God! I will but I will never forget you and everything we had together, and how much you have discovered and done for me in this life. Wow, my dear, it is now a heavenly star for all of us, "Julia writes at Instagram, addressing her friend.

Vera Aldonina, at the school's concert, sang a song in memory of her mother

Julia left this world but left another similar bright and beautiful girl behind her – 13-year-old daughter Vera, her singer, called the main happiness of her life. The girl was very attached to her mother, but now she is getting used to living without her. Fortunately, Julia's daughter is surrounded by many people who love her, everyone is ready to help her and do everything to make her feel lonely.

According to Anna Isaeva, at a concert at school, the girl performed a lullaby in memory of her mother, who herself sing Home for her in her favor a few years ago.

"They had to have a four-hour long show. and Larissa ValleyVera's dog would have come, but it is not known whether he can. Larissa Alexandrovna always and everywhere follows the puppet, it happens to all her holidays, and especially at that moment she will definitely come to support her. But she had an important meeting this day, a very busy day, I do not know if I was able to get to the school. "

After Julia's death, her daughter remained alive with her grandparents, Thaisia ​​and ViktorMany thought it was strange because the girl had a father – Evgeni Aldoninand she could move toward him. The fact is, however, that the girl has become accustomed to Taisia ​​and Victor, and they have taken care of her granddaughter all the time Julia spent on excursions and rehearsals, and after her death she was determined to leave everything that she was.

"This will not change as the girl goes to school and there is very serious training. Grandmother from morning till night is busy helping Vera with her training, and she does this from the first grade. They decided they would not change anything, even though they had a father and loved her a lot, and his new family was very good at Verochka. Father always helps, if necessary, as much as possible and necessary, he controls her, takes her out of school, takes her wherever she needs to go, and so on, "says Anna Isaeva.

Vera Aldonina inherited the talent of her famous mother. At 13, the girl sings beautifully and feels confident on stage. She also plays piano, takes part in school theatrical productions and learns very well. At her page at Instagram, Julia repeatedly praised Vera for her success and it was obvious how proud she was to her daughter.

Perhaps one day we will see a new "morning star" similar to Julia. But even if Vera chooses another profession for herself, she will in any case be radiant with happiness, just like her mother. Children who love so much love can not be otherwise.

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