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Interview with Spartak defender Andrei Yeshchenko – on football and life


Andrey Yeshchenko – 35, but he still plays the part of Spartacus in the position of last quarterback's lever. Neither criticism, nor competition, nor serious injuries break it. Since the demolition of "Crosses", "Santa" in November – namely, they are with the goalkeeper Artem Rebrov call each other – reimbursed for a record 4.5 months. Then Andrei received another unspoken nickname on the team – the lizard. So quickly everything heals from it.

– First, I'm working on myself. I train well, I recover properly, ”Andrei explains. – Second, there is still genetics, Siberian health.

We talked about the health of blazing Siberia in prosperous Switzerland after Spartacus defeated Tuna in the Europa League match.

"They cut down the forest and pollute Lake Baikal"

– I have lived in Moscow for a long time, but I consider myself a Siberian. This is my home, my home country, "Yeschenko says.

Born in Irkutsk, Andrew lost his parents here at the age of 9, survived years in boarding school, but found himself in football. He moved to the capital as an already established player on the local Star, speaking in the second league.

– Every year I come here, I spend a charity tournament. We play with the mayor as a team against football veterans. The last time he offered me to go downtown, let's see how what.

– And how?
"He is a city and a city, so everything is fine." And then – the forest, Baikal.

"Have you signed petitions for forest fires?"
“And for the fires and the Greenpeace, and when the Chinese wanted to build a plant in our Baikal with us. The lake is a national treasure, how can it be given to anyone? And so we sell the forest and then it burns.

– Do you think it is related in any way?
“I have friends who live there, watching the situation, talking. Well, those fires couldn't have started that way. Earlier in the summer the forest was burning but not on this scale. There are suspicions that some businessmen may be behind which the state has recently turned off oxygen and is forbidden from cutting everything that way.

"What's the connection?"
"If the forest burns and dies, then it just has to be cut down – and that's it." And here we are talking about thousands of acres. Most recently, there was a video on Instagram of catching Chinese people who specifically set fire to the grass. By their logic, everything was done for good, so the old injury was gone and the new one was growing. But the wind spreads the flame – and the fire can no longer be stopped. This must be done by law enforcement agencies – to investigate, to investigate.

– Yes, after all, even a serious firefighting operation began only after the petitions.
"I do not understand this." If the Emergency Department has B-200 airplanes that can emit tons of water at a point, then why not use them right away? Everyone says it is economically unprofitable, but people have nothing to breathe, huge areas burn. This is an emergency and I had to deal with it. And so it turns out, the forest burns and is cut down, the water level in Baikal is falling, the mullet is not really for sale.

– Everything was different in your childhood?
– Of course. The water was cleaner in Baikal, the fish was the sea, everything was under the control of some businesses. For example, an airplane factory watched the children's pioneer camps where we came and rested. Everything was level, civilian, under control. And now where is this plant? Now you fly over the taiga in an airplane and see how many empty fields there are each time.

– While you are in Switzerland, aren't you offended that what's wrong with us?
– And who is offended? To them or what? It is clear that there is no corruption, corruption in Switzerland – they know that if they break the law or mix something up, they will immediately receive a criminal sentence. But in Russia … Now man is doing his own thing to make money faster. Another will come, do this. We probably have this mentality – not just in Irkutsk, but all over the country.

– How do you see the solution to the problems of Lake Baikal?
– Yes, it is clear that you have to invest money. And restore everything so that once – and for centuries – for humans. To create complexes, neighborhoods, hotels, infrastructure so that people go to Lake Baikal and Siberia and live with dignity. And now, what can I say, everything is headed for disaster.

Drugs and Thefts

"You said that 70 percent of your children's orphanages died or were seated."
"That's right." We got into a bad environment – they could not overcome the difficulties, they began to endure rubbish, to take drugs. That's right, there's a girl who was sitting on the needle and now it's all right – we correspond with her on Instagram.

– How did you get the place?
– Yes, as usual. First soft drugs, glue and then the whole epidemic started with syringes, they were just everywhere. The parents live independently when they fall. Uncle will approach him, offer to forget himself – and that's it, you're hooked. This is probably the problem of the whole fence, because there is nothing much to do. There are several ways – either go to the factory to work or steal. Thank God football saved me at one point.

"Did you steal too?"
– The little things. We started with a young society where fruits and fruits grow. So the watchman of the dogs let go and we sat in the trees at midnight, "Uncle, forgive us, please, get the dogs away, we won't do it again." They tried to make money legally, they washed the car. Someone then took the cars and went on – stole them.

– Which of your friends is particularly annoying?
“We had an eccentric two years older. We talked to him well in the dorm, we were friends. Not football – he was just smart, well-mannered, well-read, but not a fool. Can he even argue with the teacher easily. Then one day he decided to try Russian roulette: put a gun in his temple, chick – that's all.

– Do you know anything about Dima Yakovlev's Law?
– No I am not

– In short, American families are forbidden to adopt children from Russia.
"I don't know the details, but if you approach globally, how can this be forbidden?" The child will be better off in a good, prosperous family, especially if they are European or American. The main thing is to learn so that the new parents are not idiots. So the person will spend all his time in the orphanage, go out – and what will you give him? Room, retirement, facilities in institutions? Well, why did she need him? The child has to be in the family, to know that they love him, to wait. Especially in adolescence, when you either move in the normal direction, or you will be drawn. So my friends were dying – drunk, coupons, drugs.

– Do you somehow participate in boarding life?
– I send T-shirts, balls, posters, costumes. When they ask me to put up an Instagram ad, I reply that I don't need anything – it's better to send it to Irkutsk.

Instagram, likes and limits

– By the way, what happened to your instagram when a picture with your eyes was taken during a match with Tambov?
“Yes, a Turk hacks and puts the rubbish out. I saw these blinds later. But now they have returned the page, everything is fine.

"Did I not want to leave after Carrera's story and likes?"
“It wasn't, because I understand why everything happened. Previously, all sorts, indiscriminately asked likes. Only then did I hear Nazarov's poem and did not even know that such could be canceled by double-clicking. And I woke up in the morning – a petition had already appeared, something else. This is a lesson. Now, in principle, I try not to like it, but I also listen to everything and read. You never know how it will affect your career.

– I understand correctly that even after the crosses you did not think to finish?
– And what is the point if we have a championship that you can play for a long, long time?

– Why is that?
– Not as much competition as before, when there was no limit. There was strong competition in the Premier League, the strongest ones played, not the passport ones. And now even in the second league there are almost no men – only the kids run away. And here the young man will show his character, where will he gain experience? Previously in the second league the boys bumped, try one of them, don't listen, they could win. And they did it not because they were evil, but because they wanted us to be stronger.

– Is there a different attitude to youth now?
– They pull them by the ears, eavesdrop, give conditions. It was different for us: once or twice we were given a chance – and that's it. And what kind of foreigners were they? Yes, in their background, even in the training process, there is nothing left but to add and compete. And when they take and do something artificially, it's just wrong, bad.

"One for all and all for one." Spartacus returns dignity

It cannot be otherwise in these difficult days.

Spartacus and critics

– You recently sent greetings to the critics, posting your stats after the match with Dynamo when you got on the national team of the tour. What did you want to prove with this?
"Nothing, just look over them." It's funny when some bloggers call themselves Spartacus fans, but they actually blur Spartacus trying to make money. Now more Glushak is gone, Kombarika too, Yeshchenko is left alone.

"Why do you think old people are poisoned?"
– And whom, foreigners? It is useless. Now Spartacus' remaining responsibility lies with Zobu and Jikia – always the press, so there will always be many disgruntled people. But if you stand and play well, then there will be problems. You have to prove with the game that you are good.

– Does criticism affect the team play?
– To the young, probably yes. And we all went through this. You smile and work on.

– What is your motivation for playing?
– I'm not tired, I want to torment the football a little more. I like the process: train, go to training camp, play. I realized that I could stay in the reserve somewhere, but I was always ready to race, to help the boys and the coach.

Schurrle – Top! So far, only he

Spartacus cannot live without adventure. Again the game of nerves of the fans.

– Help the fans and explain if it's worth the wait for something good this season?
– Restructuring is underway. Some players were sold, others were taken. Now it's important to combine everything. The transition period can indeed take several months. However, two years ago, guys from different teams came and we eventually took the championship. So this year we will try to fight for it. Spartacus can have no other purpose.

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